2010/04/01 Presents from American and German Family

100401souvenir01We had an american family who stayed at Sakuraya on March 30th.

They stayed for only 1 night but they were very glad to stay and gave us this present.

This is called "Toffee-Ettes Cake" made by See's in California.

Here is a story from their web site below.

"Irresistible bite-size pieces of rich Danish butter toffee with whole
almonds are smothered in See's creamy milk chocolate, then covered with
bits of toasted almonds. Keep a canister on hand for unexpected guests
or take one to the office."

Of course it was a first time for us to eat it, but it was very delicious and we enjoyed this flavor!

I show you next one….


100401souvenir02 We had another family who gave us this present.

They came from Germany and stayed for 2 nights.

When they checked-out they gave us these things.

"These are presents for your children." they said.

One of them is a saving bank. There is a hole on it, and the bird come out to get coin from this box and put it into it.

This is very interesting!

100401souvenir03 The another one is a pink stuffed pig.

But this is a glove puppet actually.

When my son Yuuki found out it he became happy and was pleased with it and start to play with it.

Of course, my son is a boy, but he likes stuffed animals and sometimes play with them.

However I have to tell you one thing for him.

He plays with guns, mini cars, trains and so on too.

Thank you for these presents!!

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