2010/04/08 Walking on the beach after 2 weeks

100408sea00I usually walk in the morning with my child when she goes to the school.

But as she had a spring holiday I didn't walk.

This morning I walked with her after 2 weeks.

After I walked to the primary school I went to the beach called "Shirahama Chuo Beach".

However I had a strong wind this morning it was very hard to walk on the beach….


100408sea01 From Shirahama Chuo Beach I walked on the big rock at the back of Shirahama shrine.

But it was a point which the strong wind goes through, so I was scared when I was taking photos there.

There is a Torii (Red Gate of shrine) on the rock and I can see Shirahama Ohama Beach over there.

Today they didn't have good waves for surfing here in Shirahama, but there was a wind surfer on the sea.

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