2010/05/16 Postcard from Wien

100518postcard01Several days ago we got a postcard from Wien in Austria.

They stayed at Sakuraya at the beginning of last April.

They came to Japan for a wedding ceremony of their friends, which was held in Kobe.

How did you feel a Japanese wedding?

I think it was great experience for you.

By the way I have been to Wien when I was a student of university….


100518postcard02 In those days I was on 2nd grade of university and traveled to Europe for about 2 months.

I went to 9 countries in Europe and Morocco.

Then I went and stayed in Wien for 2 nights after Germany and went to Opera house to watch an opera and a classical ballet.

I was so excited with them and decided to get a job for stages, but I started dancing when I was on 4th grade actually and became a dancer at all.

So Wien gave me a big change in my life.

I really want to go to Wien and other countries in the future with my wife again.

Thank you for sending postcard.

This card made me very happy.

2 thoughts on “2010/05/16 Postcard from Wien

  1. Christopher Heath

    Reading your blog made Rita and I very happy, we’re glad that the card brought back happy memories.
    Best wishes,

  2. Mr. Yamamoto

    Hello, Chris,
    Thank you for your comment.
    We are very happy to get the postcard from you too.
    We wish you and your girlfriend a happy life in Wien.
    Please say hello to Rita.


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