2010/05/18 Picnic to Shirahama Beach

100518picnic02The weather forecast said last night it was very fine day and very hot today in Shimoda.

Today it was a picnic day of kindergarten.

My wife and son went to kindergarten at 9:30 AM, but I left my house after our customers checked out.

When I arrived at the beach the children had just started to play on the water's edge.

Actually I was worried about my son, because he had a cough and runny nose.

But he was unmindful and got into the water to play.


100518picnic01 Look at this!

He was running in the water having seaweeds.

I tried to put my feet in the water, but the water temperature was still low.

Yes, he didn't mind the water was cold and was excited with playing on the beach.

The children live in Shirahama are very happy because they can go to the beach by walking from their kindergatern.

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