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2010/07/18 Fireworks Display in Shirahama, Shimoda

100717fireworks01Have you ever seen the fireworks display?

Last night, on July 17th, we had a fireworks festival on Shirahama beach in Shimoda city.

This festival takes place in every July, on the 1st day of 3 holidays at the middle of July.

When I got to the beach with my children there had already been a lot of people on the beach and on the road nearby.

In Japan we have a lot of fireworks festival taken place at many places, but we have to see its small display very far from its place.

But here in Shirahama we can see it really close!!!

The craftsman set off the fireworks at the water's edge and the fireworks are exploded above our overheads.

It is really excited and the people on the beach cheered great shouts of joy every time.

Come and have a fun next summer.