2010/08/06 Shirahama Beach looks like southern island.

100806beach01 I took this photo when I went for shopping.

Shirahama beach is separeted as swimming area and surfing area.

On the right side of Shirahama beach is surfing area, so nobody can't get into the water on this side.

This is it.

It looks like a small beach on the southern island, right?

I show you on the other side of Shirahama beach…….


100806beach02 On this side we can swim in the water.

There were a lot of people on the beach today, but it will be crowded on the middle of August more than this week.

There will not be any spaces where you can put the beach parasol.

Even most Japanese don't know, but there is no jellyfish here in Shirahama.

Of course there is no shark!

Don't worry about it.

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