2010/12/18 Christmas Present from Finland

101218present01 This afternoon a postman brought one thing.

When I saw it at first I knew it was something from foreign country.

I opend it soon and there were christmas present and card.

I checked the address out again, it was a present from Finland.

Oh, yes, I remember their name!

They stayed at Sakuraya for 9 nights from July 9th 2009…..


101218present03 When they checked out on last July they gave us figures of Moomin's mother and his friend Snork Maiden as well.

We sometimes get presents from our customers who come from abroad, and sometimes they send us Christmas present after their staying.

But it was a first time for us to get a present after more than one year.

We appreciate it very much.

Thank you for presents and your massage.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

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