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2011/02/14 St. Valentine’s day

110214valentine01 Today my wife gave me and my son this chocolate cake.

Yes, it was St. Valentine's day today.

In Japan a lot of women have been giving a chocolate to men who they love for a long time.

But recently they, women give a chocolate to not only men in love but also men not in love.

It means the women give a present to the people around, for example, colleagues or friends though they don't love them.

In addition, especially in these days men give a present to women.

In Japan St. Valentine's day was made by confectionary companies long time ago and was developped as a different one from the other coutries.

2011/02/13 Snow on Amagi Mountains in Izu peninsula

110213snow02 It was rainy and very cold all day yesterday, but it became sunny today.

This morning my daughter had a sport competition at Shimoda junior high schoo, so I took her by my car.

When I went down the hill the moutains with white snow appeared over there.

I took this photo when I came back to Shirahama.

Amagi mountains are highest one in Izu peninsula, and they have snow once or twice every winter!!

However we don't have snow here in Shirahama….

2011/02/12 Shirahama Beach Walking Guide Part 2

110212walking01 Today Shirahama Beach Walking Guied Part 2 was completed.

In these web pages I was going to use the photos with people or my families, and I was looking for the good photos for each place.

I have a lot of photos which I have been taking in Shirahama since 10 years ago.

I selected some photos for this guide, but actually it seems like my lovely son's photogallary.

Check out Shirahama Beach Walking Guide from Part 1

You can click the links to go to Part 2 down this page.


2011/02/11 New kind of Sakura “Shirahama Ikona” at Shirahama shrine

110211sakura01 Now it is 9:00 PM in Shimoda, Japan.

We have a cold and strong wind like typhoon outside. The weather forcast says it would be snowy tomorrow morning, but we can't expect it because Shimoda is very warm.

By the way, yesterday when I was walking in Shirahama I went to Shirahama shrine.

And then I found out a tree with a lot of pink blossoms like this photo.

Now in Kawazu town and Minami-Izu town Sakura festa is taking place, but the color of blossom is different from theirs.

I was wondering, but I went to my friend's house to ask about it…..

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2011/02/09 Shirahama Beach Walking Guide is under construction!!

110209map01 I have been thinking to make this for several years because we have a lot of foreign customeres from all over the world and most of them don't understand Japanese.

And I started to make it this week at last.

I was thinking it would take a long time for it, but actually I was right.

It took one day to make a map with photos, and it took looooong time more than 3 days to make this web page after that.

Anyway I have just finished the 1st page tonight.

Would you like to see it?

Please click here.

Fuuuu, I am getting tired……

2011/02/08 Walking on the beach in Shirahama

110207beach01 Yesterday I went to the nearest beach for walking.

It was very warm and comfortable for walking yesterday.

There were only 2 surfers in the water because they don't have good wave there.

I started to walk at the right side of Shirahama Ohama beach, and walked on the seaside to Shirahama shrine and Itado fishing port after that.

On the way there was a red gate "Torii" in Japanese on the big rock in the water.

I continued walking to the other side of Shirahama…..

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2011/02/06 Kawazu Sakura Festival 2011 has started in Izu!

110206sakura01 Yesterday we had an opening ceremony of Sakura (Cherry blossom) Festival here in Izu peninsula.

In Japan the most famous Sakura blooms in April, which is called "Someiyoshino".

But Kawazu Sakura is different from them and it blooms for about one month!

Yes, it is very famous for its long blooming and pink color.

This Kawazu Sakura festival is taken place from February 5th to March 10th in Kawazu town and Minami-Izu town every year.

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2011/02/05 Hiking through the forest in Shirahama, Shimoda

110204forest01 In these days I sometimes walk around Shirahama.

Yesterday I had to go to Rendaiji for shopping, and I was going to take bicycle.

But I found out I had a flat tire, so I decided to go by  walking to Rendaiji town in Shimoda through the mountain.

Last week I went to the top of Mt. Takane and went down to Rendaiji, but I took a different route to Rendaiji yesterday.

Long time ago the local peple who lived in Shirahama didn't have a car or a bus to go to Shimoda, so they had to go to school by walking.

Especially the high school students had to take the route going through Mt. Takane.

Last week I took the different route to the top of mountain, but I walked the same route like this.

It was a little hard to walk, but the fresh air made me happy and healthy.

Here is a Mt. Takane route map with photos.

2011/02/02 Japanese fish restaurant “Nakagawa” in Shimoda

110202meal01 Yesterday we had a meeting with the owner of Pension came from the other prefecture, Yamanashi, Nagano, Tochigi and so on.

After that we went to the downtown for dinner with them.

I had already booked a restaurant called "Nakagawa", and started a party from 5:00 PM.

The restaurant served us the Japanese style fish meal like this.

Most of the owners live in the mountain, so they were pleased with this dinner.