2011/03/29 Shirahama Beach and Sotoura Beach in Shimoda

110329beach01 I went to Shimoda downtown this morning, and I took the pictures when I came back home at around noon.

Today it was the most beautiful day in these days and I could see the tropical blue in Shimoda.

I took this picture at "Miharashi-Hiroba" in Shirahama.

The water was really clear like one in southern islands.

OK. I show you an another photo….



110329beach02 This is the Sotoura Beach located between Shirahama and Shimoda downtown.

This beach is almost cove and they don't have big waves there.

So a lot of families come to this beach in summer.

I love Shimoda!

Shimoda is the best place in Japan!!!

Here are some other photos which I took today.

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