2011/04/28 The flowers are blooming and the sea is so gorgeous!

110428flower01 The season of Sakura had already finished, but we can see the green leaves on the mountain instead of Sakura.

From now it is getting warmer and we have a very good season of flowers.

My son Yuuki goes to the primary school with friends by walking every day. ( You can see him behind the flowers in this picture.)

His friends, the upper class students worry about my son and help him to walk.

By the way we are getting into the Golden Week from tomorrow …..


110428sea01 After the earthequake on March 11th we had a lot of cancellation because of the nuclear problem.

It made us very sad, and we had been worrying about the future and our life, but we got some reservations for the Golden Week in these days.

We appreciate it very much and It makes us very happy.

Today we could see the beautiful sea in Shirahama, Shimoda.

We hope our customers would be able to see this and have very good holidays in Shimoda during GW.

2 thoughts on “2011/04/28 The flowers are blooming and the sea is so gorgeous!

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