2011/05/15 The students of my old university & My son today

110515group01 They are 3rd grade in Nihon University.

Yes, they are my junior in the international relations school, and are members of the seminar of Professor Yoshida.

Professor Yoshida took his students many times since 15 years ago.

Afte dinner I drunk with them and talked about a lot of things.

I could have a great time with them.

Thank you for staying with us, and we look forward to meeting you again!!

By the way after they checked out …….


110515yuuki01 When I was cleaning up the guestrooms, my son, Yuuki came.

Today it was Sunday and he had a lot of free time, but we had a lot of jobs to clean up the rooms, bathroom and so on.

Recently my son sometimes helps our job playing… :o)

During last golden week he helped us to clean the shower room and wash the dishes after dinner.

Yes, he is a great helper!



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