2011/06/28 Rainy season was over in southern part of Japan.

110628beach01 This morning the weather forecast said that the rainy season in kyushu area, the southern part of Japan, has over.

The high atmospheric pressure has been covering the southern part of Japan in these days, so I can understand it.

But they also said this high pressure would be getting smaller next week and we would have rain again.

It means we have to wait for the end of the rainy season for a while.

However it was very hot and beautiful again here in Shimoda today.

The color of the ocean was really gorgeous!!….


110628yuuki01 Today I went to pick up my son and came back home together.

The school children have to put on the helmets all the year, so it is too hot for them in this season.

My son, Yuki, took a rest a little bit on the way home.

And he said,

"I want to get into the water again, dad!"

Yes, I think so, too! Let's go to the beach next time again!!

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