2012/04/09 Let’s go up to the Mt. Nesugata in Shimoda by cablecar!

120409ropeway01The TV show said it was 23*C or over in this afternoon in Tokyo.

Here in Shimoda it's also getting warmer day by day.

When I was driving it was too hot inside, so I opened the window.

By the way, I took this picture on the riverside near Shimoda train station in this afternoon.

There is a cable car going up to the top of mountain, surrounded by Sakura trees and fresh green leaves.

In this season a lot of flowers start blooming on the top.

Let's try and go to the top by cablecar!

Here is an information of Shimoda cablecar.

Pension Sakuraya: 4 minutes walking to the nearest beach "Shirahama" in Shimoda, Japan


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