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2012/05/16 Thank you for staying.

120516surfer01He came from France and stayed at our Pension for 1 nights.

I was surprised that he brought his own surf board from France!

Yes, he is a surfer and came to Shimoda for surfing.

The sea water was a little bit cold for him to surf without wet suit, right?

After Shimoda he went to Kyoto, and Okinawa for surfing.

Did you have good waves in Okinawa?

Thank you for staying with us.

2012/05/16 Thank you for staying.

120516couple01They came to Japan from England for their honey moon travel, and stayed at Sakuraya for 2 nights.

On the 1st day they were able to go to the beach, but it became rainy on the 2nd day.
But they went to Shimoda aquarium and walked in Shimoda downtown for shopping.

When they went to a Kimono shop in Shimoda and asked the shop owners about the price of doll, they gave them it for free of charge.
I don't know why, but a god may gave them it as a present for their honey moon.

 120516couple03After that they bought Japanese tea, green tea chocolate and many things in Shimoda.

Thank you very much for choosing our Pension for your honey moon and staying with us.

We also had a good time with you!!



2012/05/15 Pery Road and Ryosenji Temple in Shimoda, Japan

120515ryosenji03As the weather forecast said yesterday, it started to rain from 9:00 AM in Shimoda.

When I went to Shimoda downtown I walked on the Pery Road to Ryosenji temple and took a lot of pictures.

It was raining there, but the jasmine blossoms have already started blooming and I could get a good smell with them.

This weekend the 73rd Black Ship Festival will take place in Shimoda, and there will be some shops on this street.

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Pension Sakuraya 4 minutes walk away to Shirahama Beach in Shimoda, Japan

2012/05/12 Thank you for staying.

120512family01 120512family02They came to Japan from Switzerland, and stayed for 3 nights at our Pension.

It had been almost sunny during their stay.

They went to Shimoda downtown on the 2nd day, and spent all day on the nearest beach "Shirahama" on the 3rd day.

She is expected and they will have a new family in August.

We hope you will have a bouncing baby!!

Thank you for staying with us.

Pension Sakuraya in Shimoda, Japan

2012/05/06 Shirahama Beach Today – – Good waves for surfing!

120506beach28During Golden Week I couldn't go anywhere with my children, beacu we had been very busy.

So I went to the nearest beach "Shirahama" with my son this afternoon.

There were some surfers on the beach and they had good waves for surfing.

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Pension Sakuraya A family running accommodation in Shimoda, Japan

2012/05/05 Sunny day with blue sky and sea

120505beach03Yesterday it was sunny but we had strong wind here in Shimoda.

But today we didn't have strong wind, and the air temperature was getting higher and higher.

Yes, it was almost summer.

When I took pictures there were a lot of people swimming, surfing, walking on the beach.

I wanted to swim today…..

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Pension Sakuraya 4 minutes walk from the beach "Shirahama" in Shimoda, Japan