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2012/06/08 Thank you for staying.

120608friends01sThey came from England and stayed at Pension Sakuraya for 2 nigths.

After staying in Tokyo they came to Shimoda.

During their stay they swam and rented surf board, and went to Shimoda downtown to have dinner with Red Snapper (Kinmedai).

After Shimoda they were going to Ramen Musium in Yokohama and stay in Shinjuku.

How did you like Ramen? How many kinds of Ramen did you try?

And after that they will go to Kyoto, Koya-san and Osaka.

Have a good travel in Japan and see you again!

Thank you for staying with us.

2012/06/03 Thank you for staying with us!

120603customer01They came from Tokyo, and it was 2nd time for them to vist Shimoda for sea kayaking.

After kayaking they went to Shimoda park.

On 2nd day they were going to Kawazu Seven Waterfalls for Canyoning.

It was rainy in the morning, but how was the condition?

Come and visit Shimoda for snorkeling again!

Thank you for staying with us.

2012/06/01 Ajisai- Hydrangea Festival in Shimoda!!

120601hydrangea01This festival is taking place in Shimoda Park between June 1st and 30th.

This is the largest scale in Japan, because there are more than 150,000 hydrangea trees in this park.

The best time to see is after the middle of June, they say.

Come and visit Shimoda this month!!

Click here to see the web page of Hydrangea Festival in Shimoda.

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