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2013/04/30 Thank you for staying!

130430family03They came from Switzerland and
stayed for 8 nights.

During their stay they went to the nearest beach
"Shirahama", Shimoda aquarium, Shimoda city and many places.

And their
Japanese friends came to Izu and drove with this family to Shuzenji
town, Western part of Izu peninsula for 2 days.

In the 1st night their
children asked my son to play card game.


130430family01My son was very nervous befor
playing because it was the first time to play with the foreign children,
but my son became very happy and could have a lot of great experiences
with them.

When they checked out they gave us a present from
Switzerland, which was a red moneybox looked like a cow bell. Thank you
very much for staying with us. We had a lot of great time with you!!

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