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2013/07/05 The repeat customers from Taiwan!!!

130705family01Seven years ago, they came to
Japan and stayed at Sakuraya for the 1st time.

They had already had
their son, but they leaned him on their parents and came to Japan.

And this time they came to Shimoda again with their son!

We were very
glad to meet the first repeat customers from Taiwan, and of course, we
had a good time and a great communication with this beautiful family

Thank you very much for staying with us and your wonderful
presents and message.

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2013/07/05 Presents from Oregon in the United States

130705present01Yesterday we got a postal package
from our customers who live in Kamakura and stayed with us in last June.

When I opened it we found out
some presents and message from their friends in Oregon.

During their
stay I took their daughter to the doctor because of the middle ear

How is she going?

Thank you very much for wonderful present
from the United States!!!