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2014/06/13 Shirahama Beach today

140613beach01I went to the beach after school after a long time.

After rainy days we sometimes have good waves in Shirahama.

We had a little strong west wind, but it was very hot today.


140613beach06There were some surfers on the beach because of the good waves.

They weather forecast says it will be sunny again.

Have a nice weekend!









2014/06/08 It’s almost summer here in Shimoda!

140608beach04It's beautiful day and very hot here in Shirahama this morning.

Yes, it's almost summer!!

But the south wind makes us very comfortable.




140608beach03After I took my daughter to the shool by car I took this picture at the beach.

As I don't have enough time I could not wait for the good wave, but they sometimes had very nice waves for surging this morning.

2014/06/07 Blue Sky was back!!

140607beach01The operation of Izukyuko line was regulated by the heavy rain this morning, and all of train serveces on this line were stopped.

And also this rain prevented some of high school studens from going to school.

But the trains resumed its operation before noon.

After the raining stopped I went to the nearest beach "Shirahama".

I could see the beautiful blue sky after a long time.


2014/06/06 Shirahama Beach today

140606beach00It had been raining since yesterday morning, but the rain has just stopped at aound 8:00 this morning.

When I went to the beach there were a lot of seaweeds on Shirahama Ohama beach, which were brought by strong wind and big waves from the sea.

On the other hand, there was no seaweeds on Shirahama Chuo Beach.

Do you know why?

140606beach02Shirahama Ohama Beach is located in the southern part of Shirahama, and we had had strong north wind since yesterday morning.

That's why a lot of seaweeds were brought by this strong wind, I guess.

2014/06/01 Foggy sea in Shimoda

140601beach01It was sunny and very hot here in Shimoda today.

When I went to the nearest beach "Shirahama" this afternoon I could see not only some people walking and swimming on the beach and also the sign of….



140601shimoda01I went to Shimoda afte that.

When I arrived in Shimoda I was really surprised the scenery there.





It was a first time for me to see the foggy sea at Shimoda harbor. I couldn't see anything over the sea.