Daily Archives: 2018年6月3日

2018/06/03 Summer Beach Shirahama

I took these pictures of the beach at 13:00 before going to Shimoda today.

It was sunny and very hot but not humid here in Shimoda today.

It means it was the perfect condition for the beach!

In addition, I took the last picture from the balcony of Sakuraya this late afternoon. The clouds and the sky was beautiful!!

2018/06/03 Thank you for staying

They are from China and have lived in Tokyo since 3 years ago.

Before coming to Shimoda they had lunch in Odawara city and went to Atami and Jogasaki in Ito city.
And they went to Southern tip of Izu peninsula and drove on Western side of Izu.

I think they were lucky to have sunny days during their holidays in Izu peninsula.

As they speak Japanese very well I had good communication with the.

Thank you very much for staying with us.

We are really looking forward to welcoming you again in the future!