Monthly Archives: April 2019

2019/04/11 Shirahama Beach Today

It’s now 23:15. We have strong wind outside and it’s a little cold again tonight.

I went to the beach behind Shirahama shrine to take photos after I went to the post office in Shirahama.

It was cloudy in Shimoda today. The sea was rough this afternoon, even though we didn’t have strong wind.

2019/04/09 Thank you for staying!

They came to Japan from Poland for the 1st time.
On the 2nd day the had rain before noon, but it became cloudy and a little sunny in the afternoon. So they walked around Shirahama area.
On the 3rd day it was perfect weather and they went to the beach under the blue sky after check out.
They are very good and friendly guests and we were very happy to welcome them.

Thank you very much for staying with us.
We look forward to meeting you someday in the future!

2019/04/08 Shirahama Beach Today

I walked on the seaside road this late afternoon after 3 days.

We had rain this morning but it became cloudy and sunny after noon. The sea was rough all day long.

It’s now 22:00 and we have very cold wind outside. The weather forecast says it will be colder tomorrow.

2019/04/05 Low Tide and High Tide

I went to Shimoda for shopping at around noon and walked on the seaside road after that.

I took photos of the nearest beach Shirahama twice today, so you can make a comparison between low tide and high tide.

The color of the sea water is also different depending on the time.