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Shimoda Aquarium

060326aquarium001_1Today my son and me went to Aquarium in Shimoda with a family of my friend of university.

I have ever been this aquarium many times, but it was first time for my son. He was very excited there.

This aquarium has many places to see, and this is one of them "Floating Aqua Tank".

It means this big aqua tank is floating on the sea as a ship. I think we can’t see it in the other aquarium in Japan. The other tanks are mostly in the buildings……

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Hakone Kowakien Yunessun

On January 15th, I went to Hakone with my family to take a bath in Hakone Kowakien Spa Resort "Yunessun" in Kanagawa Pref.

After we parked our car at the 2nd parking lot we could get to the Spa building by shattle bus.

It was cloudy and cold there but very warm in the building. We changed the clothes in the dressing room and went into the Spa zone.

There are many kinds of Spa, the God’s Aegean sea, Ancient Roman Bath, Turkish Hamam and etc inside the building, so we were able to be relaxing them with a variety of water massaging devices, and excited Dead sea Spa using salt imported from Dead sea in the middle sea. (But my children could not take this spa because they had pain on the skin.)

After luch we were going to outside, but we gave it up. Because it was really cold there. Actually we wanted to take Green tea Spa, Japanese Sake Spa, Wine Spa and etc, but we recommend to go to Hakone except cold season.

But we  could spend good time and experience there. My children could be excited. (The baby in diaper are allowed here. But please use the disposable and waterproof diaper.)

Next time we want to take another Spa "Mori no Yu"in this Yunessun Spa resort, the traditional Japanese style Onsen, sectioned into private areas for women and for men in beautiful natural settings outside.

P.S: I posted the photos that I took today into my webpage. Thank you.

Hakone Kowakien Yunessun