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2013/08/24 Thank you for staying and presents!!

130824family01They came from Brooklyn in New York and stayed
for 3 nights.

It had been almost sunny and they went to the beach every
day for swimming.

Thank you for staying with us.

By the way, when they checked in they gave us presents.



These are MAST BROTHERS CHOCOLATE which are very popular in New York in these days.

It was a first time for me to see and eat the
chocolate with "Chili Peppers"!!

Of course it's sweet, but it's not
only spicy but also very hot!!

Thank you for these presents!!

2011/10/23 Unpolished Rice

111023unpolishedrice01Recently most of Japanese people eat white polished rice.

10 days ago my father in low sent us the unpolished rice cooking set.

This set has a bag of unpolished rice and a pressure cooker, so we tried cooking unpolished rice with adzuki beans.

It was not only really nice and delicious, but also chewy texture and tastes sweeter than white rice.

Of course it has a nutrition.


2011/10/06 Lobster season!

111006lobster01This is a Sashimi combination which our customers ordered on last weekend, and we provided this Sashimi with Ise-ebi Lobster.

In Izu peninsula the lobster season has already started from the middle of September, and we can get it until May next year.

Fresh lobster is tasted a little sweet and very delicious!

When we have a order of Ise-ebi Lobster we can cook it as Miso-soup for breakfast if the customer like.

Why don't you try Lobster in Japan?