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Monument of Perry's Arrival <Monument of Perry's Arrival>
On the pedestal of the monument is a bust of Perry, and an achor presented by the U.S.Navy is added as accessory.

*Monument of Perry's landing
In 1853 Commodore Matthew C. Perry sailed into Uraga in Tokyo Bay and asked that Japan open itself to foreign trade. Next March 1854, he returede to Japan with a squadron of nine ships (3 steam ships) to press his demands. Two ships were dispached to Shimoda to investigate whether it could supply the water, charcoal and other materials needed by the American vessels. After the conclusion of the Treaty of Kanagawa, seven of  Perry's ships entered the port of Shimoda. This monument was established to commemorate the landing of Perry and the sailors of his squardon at this point. The pedestal of the monument is topped by a bust of Perry and the anchor was present from the U.S. Navy. The monument was designed by Tokujiro Tokuda.

Message from President George Bush to the city of Shimoda on the ocasion of the 150th Anniversary of U.S.-Japan relations.
This 150th anniversary of the 1854 signing of U.S.-Japan Treaty of Peace and Amity is a time to celebrate the strong relations between our two countries. Commodore Matthew Perry sailed to Japan in 1853 to establish trade between our two great nations. Today, we are building our strong relationship and partnership and promoting peace and economic prosperity. America is greatful to the people of Japan for our deep and enduring friendship.

Address: Memorial Park of Perry's Arrival in Shimoda city
Shizuoka Pref.

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Operation Time: 24 hours
Ticket Prices: Free
Tel:  0558-22-1531: Shimoda Tourist Association
Regular holiday: No holidays
Parking Lot: Shimoda Park's Parking Lot is available
Getting Here: By Walking: 15 min. from Shimoda Train Station
By Car: 5 min. from Shimoda Train Station
           15 min. from Pension Sakuraya

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