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Shimoda station <Shimoda Station on Izukyuko line>

The official name is "Izukyu-Shimoda Station".
This station is the last one on Izukyuko line from Atami station.
Izukyuko line is the private line between Ito station and Shimoda station, so JR Pass is not valid on this line.

From Tokyo area a direct train "Odoriko Limited Express Train" is a useful and fastest way to Shimoda. It takes about 3 hours by this train from Tokyo.
Are you a JR Pass holder?

Even if you had JR Pass you would have to pay the extra charge about 1,600 yen, because Izukyuko line between Ito station and Izukyu-Shimoda station is owned by the private railway company.

From this station you can go to southern part, western part in Izu peninsula by bus.
Number 9 bus goes to Shirahama.
"Resupo Shirahama" is the nearest bus stop for Sakuraya.

Address:  1-6-23 Higashihongou Shimoda city Shizuoka Pref.
Click this map to get bigger one.
Operation Time:  5:15am - 7:00pm (Ticket Office)
Facilities:  Coin operated locker, Telephone, Rent a car sevice,
 Restaurant, Shops, Bus terminal, Taxi, Travel information Office
 The credit card is not acceptable to buy the train ticket.
Tel & Fax  0558-22-3202
Regular holiday:  Non
Getting Here:  By Bus: 15 mins. from Shirahama Bus fare: 350 yen per person
 By Car: 10 mins. from Pension Sakuraya Taxi fare: 1,900 yen
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New pictures uploaded on June 2nd 2014 below

The trains on Izukyuko line run among the trees or looking over the ocean.

Look at that! it's a limited express train Super View Odoriko!!

This train is a local train called Resort 21.

That's  Izukyu-Shimoda station.

We are just arriving the last station on Izukyuko line.

I took this picture of my wife and my son long time ago.  I miss you, very young son.

When the Black Ship Festival takes place in Shimoda, they welcome visitors like this.

If you were JR Pass holder, you have to pay the extra charge at this office.

I took this picture out of the arrival gate.

On the left side of the arrival gate there is a water tank.

The real turtles welcome you!

Coin lochers is now on the oposit side of toilet.

There are a lot of coin lockers on not only the 1st floor but also the 2nd floor.

500 ye per day

2nd floor

Nippon Retal Car service

Turn to the left to take bus or taxi.

This is a taxi for 5 people.

If you come to Pension Sakuraya by taxi, you should ask the taxi driver to go to Pension Sakuraya in Shirahama. Because there is another hotel which has the same name "Sakuraya" in Shimoda.

Taxi fare from this station to Pension Sakuraya in Shirahama is about 2,000 yen.

Let's take a picture in front of this Small sized Black Ship.

Are you coming to Shirahama by bus?

There is just one bus line to get to Shirahama.

It takes about 10 minutes to get to Shirahama by bus.

#5 bus goes to Matsuzaki and Dogashima. It takes an hour to Dogashima.

We arrived in Shirahama at last. This is the most beautiful beach around Tokyo, I think.

We came back to the station. All buses stop here for passengers to get off.

We can see Mt, Nesugata from the station building.

There is a hot spring.

You shold try to touch the real hot spring in Shimoda.

If you would like to buy "Minami Izu Free Pass" you can buy it at that office.

If you rent a car during Golden week, new year holiday and summer, booking is the best way to get rental car.

There is a free Foot Spa just in front of station building.

watching people or mountain.....

reading books.......

Let's go back into the building.

Go straight if you have a ticket.

Have you ever tried Izakaya in Japan? This is one of Japanese pub and you can eat and drink many kinds of Japanese foods.

You can buy and try Japanese lunch box called Bento.

There is a waiting room next to the shop.

You can order Japanese Soba or Udon here.

They don't accept any credit card.

If you are JR Pass holder you should buy a ticket here.

These gates open 10 or 20 minutes before the departure time.

The station staff checks your ticket before getting into the platform.

You have to wait for the door is opened.

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