Welcome to our homepage

   We, the management of pensions listed in this homepage welcome all the tourists from overseas to our pensions. In Japan, pensions are very popular among Japanese domestic tourists but not yet so among the overseas tourists. Therefore it is our purpose to make an English homepage available to many people all over the world. We hope the homepage be a good guide to understanding the outlines of our pensions to ensure that our overseas guests will fully enjoy the facilities and amenities. When you next plan to visit Japan, please come and stay with our pensions.                                                                     We sincerely look forward to seeing you during your trip to Japan.

What is the pension in Japan?

Pensions in Japana are small-size private hotels or inns. The lodging capacity is in a range from 15 to 30 persons.As a family owns and keeps the facilities, the pensions offer budget price, warm hospitalities and kindness. Due to distinct originalities, no pensions are alike.You will be able to find the pension in this homepage that interests you and fits to your requirements. Most of the Pensions are located in the famous tourist resorts areas such as seashore, lakeshore, mountainside or old castle town, so you can enjoy your own vacation life in the vicinity.


Pension List

   Prefecture   Name of pension
Chiba Log Cabin Nature
Ishikawa Camellia Inn Yukitubaki
Wafuupension Furusato
Nagano Azumino no Chiisana Hotel Almhouse
B&B Country Inn Zephyr
Lodge Jotenki
Pension Kaoru
Pension Morinofamily
Pension Onedimehouse
Pension Radishgarden
Shizuoka Pension Blue Marble
Pension Margaret
Pension Sakuraya
Tochigi Pension Hazimenoippo
Yamanashi Pension Cello
Cheminee Inn
Pension Family
Pension Fireman's Cabin
Pension Kate



Accomodation rates

The accommodation rates at pensions are shown as a package rate for an overnight stay per person including two meals i.e., dinner and breakfast. Bed & Breakfast rates or flat room rate are available at most of the pensions if guests so require in advance.

The accommodation rates may vary according to weekdays, weekends, before public holidays and high seasons such as Golden Week (end of April through early May), Obon Week (12th through 18th of August) and New-year holiday season.   

The service charge is normally included in the accommodation rates, however 5% of government consumption tax are added to the total accommodation charges and beverages.

Guests are normally requested to pay the total bill in cash of Japanese yen at the time of checkout. Note that some pensions honor major credit cards but some do not.


Some staff members at pensions may be able to speak English over the overseas telephone, however it is highly recommended for an accurate correspondence to make inquiries or accommodation reservations on e-mail. Also note the time difference between two countries.



Most of pensions offer home-made western-style meals or western/Japanese combined. Some offers Japanese, Chinese style or other types of cuisine.


The guestrooms are normally western style. But some pensions have Japanese type tatami rooms.


Amenities such as tooth brush and cream, towels and night clothe are provided free or at some nominal prices depending on pension.

Bath and toilet

Most of the pension provides public bath(s) for a family use outside of the guestroom.The guests can lock the bathroom door from inside for privacy. Some pensions have private bath and toilet in the guestroom.

Telephone and fax

The telephone numbers in this site show the ones used in Japan. To make an overseas call to Japan, first dial an international telephone company number and country code number 81 for Japan and the telephone number, excluding the first zero. Example: 001-81-(0)4231-0123