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All set menu include rice, miso-soup, pickles and sea weed for the rice.

 < Set Menu >
Sashimi Combination 1,700 yen
Fresh grilled fish 1,800 yen
Kinme fresh boiled
 (in soy saouce, mirin and sugar)
2,100 yen
Deep fried fish ( Horse mackerel ) 1,700 yen
Tempura- Combination
 (Deep fried fish and vegitable)
1,600 yen
(Deep fried prawns and vegitable)
1,600 yen
Saute Sirloin Steak (Thinly sliced) 1,700 yen
 < Alacarte >
TOFU-cold (with green onion and ginger) 400 yen
Crab meat omlet 700 yen
Deep fried Fish (Horse mackerel) 1,000 yen
Saute Sirloin Steak (Thinly sliced) 1,500 yen
Eggplant baked (with bean curd with miso) 600 yen
Fresh top Shell (baked Soy Sauce in shell) 900 yen
Fresh top Shell (saute with butter) 2,500 yen
Tempura Combination
 (Deep fried - prawn, fish, seasonal vegitable)
1,900 yen
Fresh grilled Fish 1,600 yen
Fresh panned Fish 1,600 yen
Boneless fried Chcken 1,000 yen
Sashimi Combination - per head 1,600 yen
Deep fried prawns over rice 1,300 yen
Porridge of rice and crab meat and egg 1,000 yen

 Turn to the left at the 1st signal after the White Doll on a bridge.

*Operation Time 11:00 am - 9:00 pm
 They have a non-regular holiday

  10-18 1-chome Shimoda city Shizuoka Pref Japan   TEL 0558-22-8698 (Japanese only)