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Come and Visit Guest House "Pension Sakuraya" Kids Friendly Accommodation

These prices are not room charge. The price is one person's rate.
The Accommodation Prices per person per night /
8% Consumption Tax is not included. 
"B & B" ( Bed & Breakfast ) and No meals are acceptable


Sakuraya is a family running Pension. Welcome a family with babies !

Infant under 3 years old is
free of charge with no meals and no beds.
Guests over 12 years old are considered as adults.


July, August & September 2017
These prices are not room charge.

8% Consumption Tax is not included
 Price per Person per night
except busy season:
*These prices are not room charge.
Guests over 12 years old are considered as adults.
  Room type No meals B&B (With only breakfast ) With dinner and breakfast


Japanese style 5,000Yen 5,500Yen 8,000Yen
Western style 5,500Yen 6,000Yen 8,500Yen
 ( 4-12 years old )
*2,000Yen discounted  from adult's price
Japanese style 3,000Yen 3,500Yen 6,000Yen
Western style 3,500Yen 4,000Yen 6,500Yen
Babies with no meals
 ( 3 years old and under)
No bed, no futon Free without meals Free without meals Free without meals
* We can prepare a kids menu for a small child ( dinner and breakfast) - 2,000Yen per person.
*There is no additional price on weekend and the day before National holiday  
except Golden Week, New Year and Summer season.
*Children ( 4-12 years old ) - 2,000Yen discount from adult's price
*Babies ( 3 years old and under ) with no bed, no meal - Free of charge

 Are you a credit card holder? We accept VISA, MasterCard & AMERICAN EXPRESS card.

Payment fee 3,25% (in Japan) would be added to the total amount. Thank you for understanding.
Would you like to know about Square? Click here to see the website.

*Deposit Policy
We ask you to transfer the deposit to our bank account for reservation.

Deposit: 50% of total amount

    Bank Name: Shizuoka bank
    Branch: Shimoda
    Address and City: 2-1-14 Shimoda-city, Shizuoka Pref.
    Swift Code No: SHIZJPJT
    Account type: Futsu yokin (ordinaly account)
    Account number: 0534149
    Account Name: Sakuraya Yamamoto Hiroshige
*Transfer issuing fee would be on customers.

 Pension Sakuraya Bank Account for Printing ( Click here and take it to the bank)

  If you cancel 11 days before the reservation date, we get you a refund for your deposit except the transaction fee.

*Deposit Payment by VISA, MasterCard & AMERICAN EXPRESS on Square website.
. . <This is an e-mail from Pension Sakuraya.>

Deposit Payment by VISA, MasterCard & AMERICAN EXPRESS through the Internet

After you make a reservation we send you an e-mail with the invoice to trasfer the deposit to our bank account by "Square".
Transfer issuing fee 3.25% would be on customers.

If you are not VISA, MasterCard & AMERICAN EXPRESS holder, we would like to ask you to transfer the deposit to our bank account directly.

Thank you for understanding..

This is a web page of invoice on Square site.
*Cancellation Policy

 No charge will be made if we receive notice of cancellation in writing (e-mail or fax) more than ten (10) days before the reservations date.

 If cancellation in writing (e-mail or fax) is received ten (10) days to one (1) day before the reservation date, the charge will be 50% of the total amount.

 If cancellation is made on the reservation date or you do not contact us, you will be charged 100% of the total amount

 If some of guests (group or family) cancel their reservation, the cancellation fee would be charged.

 If you cancel the remainder dates of your stay, you will be charged 100% cancellation fee. For example, in case that you made a reservation for 5 nights and stayed for only 2 nights, you will be charged 100% cancellation fee for the remaining 3 nights.

<Refund of deposit>
 If you cancel your reservation more than 11 days before the reservation date and if you have already transferred the deposit, we refund it except the transmission charge in case that we refund it by Square.
If we have to refund the deposit to domestic bank account there is an administrative fee 1,000 yen.

 If we have to refund the deposit to your bank account out of Japan directly, we will ask you the transfer issuing fee and the exchange fee.

<Change of reservation date>
 If you wish to change you reservation (not cancels, but changes the date of your reservation), we need at least 3 business days (Monday through Friday 9:00 to 17:00 Japan Standard Time) prior to the reservation date  to contact us to make the necessary changes.

 Please understand our condition that we are not large business and cannot quickly find other customers to fill an empty room.
Most of restaurants and shops in Shimoda don't accept credit card.
Japan Post Bank has an ATM service, and you can draw cash with your credit card.
There is a Japan Post Office in Shirahama area and Shimoda downtown.
The information in English for ATM is in this website.
There is a Seven Eleven near the beach,
 4 mintutes walk from Pension Sakuraya.
 They have an ATM service of Seven Bank
which accept the International Credit Card.

 You can draw a cash 24 hours a day.

 Seven Bank in detail in English

 Seven Eleven Shimoda Shirahama

Please click here to get a "Pamphlet" included a map of Sakuraya.
This is a printable pamphlet( PDF file: 560kb).
If you want to view this pamphlet you need a "Acrobat Reader".
You can download from this site.




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