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Thank you for staying in Shirahama and Pension Sakuraya.

2004/06/26 2004/06/26

 They came from Hamamatsu in Shizuoka Prefecture.
 They are from California and are English teachers of prefectual high school in Shizuoka.

 On the 1st day they went to Dogashima after arriving Shimoda city, but all of plesure boat didn't run.

 On the 2nd day they were going to Suzaki and Tumekizaki in Shimoda city. There is a promnade near the sea. How did you like it?

 They are going back to the United States 2 weeks later. If you will have an opotunity, please come back to Japan again.

 We are looking forward to meeting sometime. Thank you for staying.

2004/06/25 2004/06/25

 They came from Tokyo and stayed for 2 nights.
 The husband was born in Portugal, and moved with his parents to France. And he was transferrd to Brasil as branch of a French company. That's why he speak Portugues, French and English.

 His wife is from Brasil. They met there and were married. After one month they moved to Japan. 

They have been living in Japan for about one year, so they understand and speak Japanese well.
 I tried to have comunication with Spanish, because I studied it when I was student, and because they understand Spanish.
Pero me olvide casi todo el espanol, pues....... I could not speak well with them.

 They have been worrying about the weather before coming.
 On the first day it was cloudy but it was sunny on second day. So they could swim in the beautiful beach.
 I think they were so lucky, because it is rainy season in June in Japan.

 I hope to meet you again. Thank you very much for staying in Shirahama and Sakuraya.

2004/06/18 2004/06/18

 They are from Australia and live in Tokyo and Saitama prefecture.

 This is a first time for them to visit Shimoda and Shirahama.

 On the 1st day, it was cloudy, but it was sunny and very fine day on the 2nd day.  We appreciate that you could swim under the sunshine like a summer.

 By the way one of them are going to be married in this August. Yes, she looked like very happy. Congratulations!!

 We are looking forward to meeting you next time. Thank you for staying in Pension Sakuraya.

2004/06/11 2004/06/11

 They are from Arizona in the United States and live in Zushi-city in Kanagawa prefecture. They have been for about 9 months in Japan.

This time they came to Sakuraya as their friends who stayed on June 3rd recommended.

On the 1st day it was rainny day, but the 2nd day was very nice. So they could swim in Shirahama beach and played sand ski in Toji beach of southern area of Shimooda.

 We are looking forward to meeting you and your friends in September.

 Thank you very much for staying in Sakuraya and Shirahama.

2004/06/05 2004/06/05

She is our 1st guest from Hong Kong and stayed in Sakuraya for 1 night.

She have watched the movie "Izu no Odoriko" of Yamaguchi Momoe (Japanese actress), so she came to Japan and Izu this time.

But she had an problem that she could not use her credit card at the b ank of Izu peninsula.
I have heard that the foreigners can not use their card in Izu. But one of foreingers could use his card in the post office last month.
So she and I went to post office together after checkd out as I had to go to shopping in Shimoda, and she could use her card after all.

She will move to London that her husband lives 2 weeks later with her son. Good luck!!

We are looking forward to meeting you someday. Thank you very much for staying.

Our guests on 2004/06/03  
2004/06/03 - 06/05

 They are from the United States and have been living in Hayama, Japan for about 1and half year.

 He is an instructor of out door sports for kids, for example surfing, camping, rock climing, etc.
 His wife is an English teacher of an English school in Japan.

This is their first time visit to Shimoda. Their friends in Hayama recomended our pension to this couple. During this vacation,they went to the beach to surf and went to Shimoda city and Southern area of Izu, How did you like Sand ski in Toji beach? I guess they could have a good time there.

On the 2nd night they joined the Karaoke party of our another guests. And he challenged Karaoke for the 1st time.

We are looking forward to meeting again. Please tell your friends "Thank you very much". 

 P.S  We got the picture on the right hand from our guest. Thank you !!

@2004/05/26 - 05/29
Last year a man came to Sakuraya alone, He is the professor and the honors instructer of North Florida University. He stayed in Sakuraya for 4 nights.
Then we could have good time with him, and he said " I will come again with my students next year!".

 And this time he came to Sakuraya again with his 20 students, other professor and his wife as he said last time.
 This was a first time for us to have a group of students from abroad. So we were looking forward to meeting them.

 During their staying they went to the beach to swim and to surf, went to Shimoda city to see shrines or temples and to eat Japanese foods.
 On the 3rd day, I went to the beach to catch the crab with this professor and his wife. We could catch about 40 crabs. It was so exciting! We served these crabs at the dinner time.

On the 4th day, after checkd out I went to Shimoda with my 2 daughters to check up Akari's teeth with this professor and his wife. After that we had a time, so we went to Kisami Ohama beach and Sand ski area in Toji.

Thank you very much. We could have great and excellent time with them this time.

We hope to meet you again someday.

P.S They have a web site about their vist to Japan. UNF Honors Study Abroad: Japan

On May 22 2004/05/22

 They are 3 families.
 One family of them are Japanese who live in Ibaraki prefecture. And another 2 families are from the United States.
 The oldest brother's family have been living in Tokyo for 4 years more, and they, father, mother and their daughters speak Japanese very well. And his brother's family came to Japan from U.S this time.

 My daughter "Hikari" played with their daughters. And I could have good commnications with them.

 By the way, could you find your friend"s "Soba" restaurante?

 Thank you for staying. We are looking forward to meeting you someday.

from May 19, for 3 nights 2004/05/19

 They are from Australia and have been living in Tokyo for about 4 months.
 He is nice guy who are teaching English and she is very beautiful lady.

 This time they stayed in Sakuraya for 3 nights.
 They came to Shiraham in spite of coming the typhoon.
 On their 1st day it was rainny, and cloudy on next day. But they could go to the beach and swim on May 21, because it was sunny day after typhoon.

 We are looking forward to meeting you, nice couple!  Thank you very much.

2004/05/16 our guests 2004/05/16

 All of them are from the U.S and came from Yokohama and Yokosuka. This time they stayed in Shirahama for the 1st time.

 In Shimoda city, "Kurofune Festival" was held for 3 days from May 14. They came to Shimoda to see this festival.

 On May 14 I went to the top of Mt. Nesugata to see the fireworks with my daughters and two of them.
 It was windy and little cold, but the fireworks were very nice.

 We are looking forward to meeting you. Please come again to Shirahama to swim next time.

 Thank you for staying.

 They, Laurence & Nora came from Tokyo and stayed in Sakuraya for 3 nights.

 They are from New York. This time is their 2nd staying in Japan, it is about 4 years all together including their 1st staying.

 During their staying they went to western and southern Izu.
 But it was regret that it has been cloud and rainning.

 By the way I have to approgize one thing. The Bell Flower doesn't have a seed. I recommend to bring this flower with root when you take this flower to your home.

 Thank you for staying in Sakuraya. We are looking forward to meeting you again.

Our guests on 04/16/20042004/04/16

 They are from England and came from Tokyo this time.

He has been staying in Japan for about 6 months, and she came to Japan from England to meet him 2 weeks ago.

On the 1st night, I recomended the Japanese restaurant "Kiyuu" in Shimoda city to have a dinner. He ate fish cooking and she ate Tenpura there. I was very happy to hear " It was very nice." from them.

On the 2nd day, they went to West coast of Izu peninsula to see the Japanese traditional building "Namako-kabe". Because they are architects.

By the way, before they departed from Sakuraya, during I was talking with them, I heard a voice from his mind. " I love her very much, and would like to be married with her!"

He is a very nice guy and she is sooooo beautiful!!! I believe that they would have a good family.

We are looking forward to meeting you again. Thank you for staying.

 This family is French.
 The man who stands on the left side of left picture, lives in Tokyo. He have been living for 4 years. His parents and his brother came from Paris in France.
 His mother is from Vietnam. When she was young, she went to Paris to study. And after that she was married with her husband.
 His brother is the Engineer of computer. He came to Japan as a 1st time for him. He has his own Web site( Fare's Home Page ). And he put his article about stay in Sakuraya in his web page( my blog ). Merci beaucoup!

 On the 1st day, they swam in Shiraham beach, and they went to Shimoda Ropeway by walking in the moutain from Sakuraya on the 2nd day. But the father had a sick, so he had to stay alone in Sakuraya while other family had been walking to Ropeway station and Shimoda city.

After their stay in Sakuraya, they went to Hakone, Hidatakayama and Kanazawa. How did you like these places?

Thank you for staying in Shirahama and Sakuraya.

We are looking forward to meeting you again.

 This family came from Tokyo ...... the father is Israeli, his wife is Japanese and their baby is 3 months old. This time their parents came from Israel to meet their 1st grand son.

 The baby's father is a professional programmer of a computer company, and his father has his own company "The HAM-LET Group" ( founded in 1950 in Israel.

 During their stay in Sakuraya, they took a walk with their baby in Shirahama, and went to Hot Spring in Rendaiji, Strawberry green house in Minami-Izu town, and Shimoda ropeway by walkng through the mountain.

 On April 6th, we climbed the Mt.Takane that is a highest mountain in Shirahama to see the sunrise together. We waked up early in the morning, and departed from Sakuraya at 4:45am. We could see the very very beautiful sunrise from top of this mountain!!! Please click to see the picture of sunrise.

 By the way, their baby, 3 months old, is very cute, and is always laughing. He looks very happy with his parents, grandfather and grandmother.

 We appreciate very much that we could have very nice time and good communication with you.

 And we are looking forward to meeting you again. Thank you very much.



 They came from Kanagawa Pref. They have been living in Japan from last August, and their daughter came from The United States as a 1st time.

 This time they came to Shirahama to surf, their favorite sport. They could not have a good wave, but they said that they could have a nice time in Shimoda. Because, one of several reasons is that they could have a delicious Italian food in Shimoda. We are very happy to hear that.

 I heard that they were going to Hakone "Hot Spring". How did you like it? Could you have a good time there? I guess they could drive to Hakone under the sunshine.

 We are looking foward to meeting you someday again.

 Thank you for coming to Shirahama and staying in Sakuraya.


 They came from Taiwan. They have just gotten married this month, May 13. So this is their honeymoon to Japan.
 This is a first time for him to visit Japan, and 8th time for his wife. She have been to many places in japan, for example, Hokkaido, Osaka, Kyoto and Hakata.
 This time they came to Japan on May 25, and they went to Shinjuku, Harajuku in Tokyo, and Yokohama. After Ito, Izukogen, and Kawazu, they came to Shirahama on May 30.

 I could have a good and long time to communicate with them in English, Japanese and Chinese throgh wrinting "Kanji" character on paper. I apriciate to have this comunication with them.

 He is a engineer of a company now, but he was a chief of Computer club when he was a student. So he operate a computer like a professional. He showed me their pictures that they took in Japan this time, and checked my computer to access the internet through the wireless LAN in Sakuraya.

 We are looking forward to meeting you someday again. Thank you very much.

P.S After theya went back to Taiwan, they sent us the pictures of Shirahama beach, sunrise, fish cooking at Japanese restaurant in Shimoda and etc....... Thank you for sending picutres.


 They live in Yamanashi Pref. He is a Japanese, his wife is from Australia, and their son has a nationality of Japan and Australia.

 I could have a good time with them, because we had no guest except them.

 When she had lived to work at a hotel in Yamanashi Pref, her husband proposed marriage to her at this beach. Yes, it was Shirahama !!
 After several year of their marriage, they went to Gold Coast in Australia to live. They had lived there with their son for 4 years.

 So their son speak not only English but also Japanese very well.

 Before this madam had have a English school in Japan, and had teached 100 students.

 So she has a possibility to have English school again in the future. Her name is Sarah Nishina , lives in Tsuru city Yamanashi Pref.
 You are lucky if you would find her in Yamanashi Pref, because she is cheerful, and eager to teach.

 We are looking forward to meeting you again. Thank you for staying.

 P.S They sent us 4 days later some pictures that they took in Izu. We put 2 of these pictures on the right side.


 He is from Indonesia and she is from Shingapole, and this time they came to Japan 1 week ago from the United States where they are studying.
 During their stay in Sakuraya for 2 nights, they went to Rotenburo( Outdoor hot spring) in Hokkawa of east coast and Dogashima of west coast.
 They are interested in Japanse cooking, so they and I made it together. It was a 1st time for me to make a meal in our kitchen with our guest. And my daughter played with them while we were cooking, She was very excited. I think that was good experience and time for her.

 After going back to U.S, she will come back to Japan to get into the Doctor course of University on October. And he went back to his home country Indonesia after this staying in Japan.

 We are looking forward to meeting you someday.

 Thank you for staying.


  They are our first guests from Taiwan, who stayed in Sakuraya for 2 nights on 2000/08/22.
  They made a reservation as our first foreighner through out English web page that I made.
  We remember them very well now.

  After their staying they put the article on BBS of Taiwan National University'HP.

  And we had a lot of guests from Taiwan, who read these articles. We are very apreciate about this.

  By the way, this time they sent us CD included many pictures with Christmas and New Year card.

  The big picture is that they took in Bali island on 2003, and other 2 pictures are taken during their honeymoon in Kyoto Japan on 2002.

  We are very glad to see these pictures, because they could have good time and nice trip.

  We hope your happy and health.

  Thank you very much.

Our guests on 2004/01/23 2004/01/23

  They came from Taiwan and stayed in Sakuraya for 2 nights.
  They made a reservation after looking the articles in Taiwan National University's BBS like other guests from Taiwan.

 By the way, In Taiwan, they have newyear holiday for about 1 week from 21 January. So they came to travel in Japan for 6 days.

  This father speaks Japanese because he studied it for his job 20 years ago. And his daughter speaks English very well. So we could have good comunication in English and Japanese.

  During their stay, they went to Tsumekizaki in Shimoda-city to see the flower of narcisses and went to Inatori to see Hinamatsuri festival.

  When I went to shopping to Shimoda, I took them to Shirahama shrine that oldest one in Izu peninsula before going to Shimoda station.

  Thank you for staying and we are looking forward to meeting again someday.

Our guests on 2004/01/02  2004/01/02

  They stayed for 1 night in Sakuraya.

  The father is from Los Angeles in theUnited States. His parents are Japanese. He works in the computer company.

  The mother is from Gifu-Pref in Japan. She has been to Australia to study, so speaks English very well.

  They met together 26 years ago in the United States. And now they have two girls who are very cute. The elder sister loves ballet. We know that the ballet is good for the girl to be a beautiful lady.

  We hope to meet you again someday. Thank you for staying.

Out guests on 2004/01/01  2004/01/01
  They are from Indea and live in Tokyo.This time they stayed in Sakuraya for 1 night.

  They came from Indea about 10 years ago, and they speak Japanese very well.
  Fathers of these two families work in the computer company.

  They have just bought the new car, and this is the first time of long driving for them.

  Before going back to Tokyo they had a plan to go to Biopark in Inatori Izu. Could you touch the giraffe and have good time there ?

  We are looking foward to meeting you again. Thank you for staying in Sakuraya.

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