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Travel Information for sightseeing in Izu, Shimoda with photos
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Come and Visit Guest House "Pension Sakuraya"Kids Friendly Accommodation
History Sightseeing & Amusement Event
History of Shimoda Shimoda Aquarium Black Ship Festival

Fireworks Video on Youtube
Shimoda History Museum Shimoda Ropeway (Cablecar) Ajisai (Hydrangea) Festival
Ryosenji Temple Shimoda Park: Link Suisen (Narcissus) Festival
Hofukuji Temple La peninsule d'Izu
Information of Shimoda in Izu Peninsula in French
Jasmine Festival - Ryosenji
Gyokusenji Temple Shimoda Harbor Boat Tour
*Tour Ride with my childre
Aloe Festival
Monument of Perry's Arrival Cape Irozaki Sightseeing Boat Tour Shirahama Fireworks Festival in 2006 & 2016
*July 22nd, Saturday 2017
Monument of Japan's Opening
to the World
Strawberry Picking Farm Shirahama Shrine Festival
Perry Road Mt.Takane in Shirahama Walking Map (PDF:2290kb)
*View from the top of Mt.Takane
*Cherry Blossom in Kawazu (Sakura) Festival in February
*Sand Ski & Secret cave in Toji *Sakura & Flower Festival
in Western Izu
Spa (Onsen) Mihogasaki Cape Walking Trail *Hinamatsuri (Doll) Festival
*Hakone Kowakien "Yunessun" Stars in the winter Beaches in Shimoda
*Onsen in Kawazu Seven Water Falls *Joren-no-Taki water fall in Amagi Shirahama Ohama Beach: 4 seasons
* Beach video on Youtube
"Sawada Koen Rotenburo"
- Open-Air Bath  in Dogashima
Izukyu Shimoda Station *Shirahama Chuou Beach

Snorkel spot in Shirahama #1

*Shirahama Chuo Beach #2
Walking Guide for Shirahama Beach
Foot Spa at Shimoda station:
Free of charge
Suzaki Walking Trail in Shimoda
*Suzaki Walking Trail Map
Kujuppama Beach #1
Kujuppama Beach #2
*Beach video on Youtube #1  #2
Foot Spa in front of Shimoda station #2
Free of charge
*Mt. Fuji and Rape Blossoms Kisami Ohama Beach
Iritahama Beach
*Izu Inatori Bio Park Tatado Beach
*Shinshin-Kisen Ferry bound for Izu Islands from Shimoda Habor Toji Beach and Sand Ski
*One Day Cruising from Shimoda
under construction
Ebisujima Island: one of good points for snorkeling in Shimoda
*Jogasaki Coast - Suspension Bridge & Lighthouse *Sotoura Beach
*Sotoura Beach in Summer
*Mt. Fuji Live Camera 24 hours
*Introduction to Mt. Fuji Climbing
*Cape Irozaki: Link
*Toi Kinzan "Gold Mine" Museum
Kawazu Nanadaru "Seven Waterfalls" walking trail in Kawazu town
Bay Stage Shimoda
* Other Cities and Town
Shop & Restaurant Sports Weather Forecast "Shizuoka":
Report for Shimoda - Links
Indian Restaurant "Magic India" Izu Shimoda Country Club
Shun-no-Sato (Local products) Shikine Park Health Area Japan Meteological Agency
( Tokai Area - Shizuoka )
Surf Shop Shirahama Marina Horse Backriding in Touji, Shimoda (Link) ( Shizuoka )
Pizza House in Shimoda
Izu Shimoda Horse Riding Club
(Link: Japanese site)
Wunderground com ( Shizuoka )
Aloha Rental Cycle in Shimoda except August
Reservation is needed in advance. (PDF file)
Sea Kayak shop and school "Kaito"in English

Japanese site
Weather ( Shizuoka )
Tropical cyclon (Typhoon) Information in Japan in English
Restaurants & Bars in Shimoda (PDF file) Japan Airlines Weather ( Shizuoka )
Information of Japan: Links Transportation: Links Travel Weather( Japan )
Japan National Tourist Organization Japan Airlines Weather ( Japanese )
All Japan Sightseeing Guide ANA Sky Web Weather News with live camera of Shirahama Beach  
Shizuoka Guide Skynet Asia Airways
Inside Japan Tours Narita International Airport
Japan Travel & Living Guide Keisei Electric Railway
Tokyo Airport Terminal Useful Informations: Links
Tokyo Monorail Shimoda Tourist Information Seamon
Japan Railways Group
JR East Japan Railway Company Withdrawing: Japan Post International ATM Service
JR East Limited Express train time schedule
JR East Infoline
Information about trains & Tickets by phone calling in English
Car Rental Service in English
*Driver's License Requirements
Japan News On Line: Links Izukyuko Railway Company (English) Nippon Rent-A-Car
Nikkei Net Interactive Tokai Bus Video Guide in English JR East Limited Express train time schedule
Mainichi Daily News Bus timetable between Shimoda train station and Shirahama beach JR East Information center in English
Daily Yomiuri On-Line Online Train Timetable in Japan JR East Infoline
Information about trains & Tickets by phone calling in English Izukyu Shimoda Station Map of Izu peninsula, transportation & Kawazu seven water falls (JNTO: PDF)
How to get to Izu peninsula from Tokyo Japanese Inn information:
How to stay at Japanese Inn
How to get to Izu peninsula from Osaka Japan Post Bank:
Get a cash with your credit card
How to get to Izu peninsula from Kyoto
JR Super View Odoriko Train
How to go to Shimoda from Yamanaka-ko
Train Free Pass from Tokyo Bus Free Pass
Odoriko Minami Izu Free Kippu by JR : Limited Express Train Discount Ticket Tokai bus Minami Izu Free Pass for Southern Izu Peninsula
"Izu Free Q Kippu" by JR
"Odakyu Izu Free Pass" by Odakyu Railway Company


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