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How to travel to Izu islands (Toshima Niijima Shikinejima Kouzushima) by ferry (boat) from Shimoda
Please make it sure that there is no ship route for Izu Oshima island from Shimoda..

- Pension Sakuraya in Shimoda, Izu peninsula, Shizuoka Pref-
We don't accept any reservation for ship, please book by yourself at the phone 0558-22-2626.

Time schedule  /  Ticket Price 

<"Ferry Azalea" at Shimoda Harbor>

<Shinshin-Kisen Shimoda Office>

<Shinshin Kisen Shimoda Office>

TEL 0558-22-2626
Business hours 7:40am -- 5:00pm
* Closed on Wednesdays

Parking Lot - 17 cars: Free
*Parking for 2 days or more not allowed

The reservation by telephone is acceptable in only Japanese.
When you book the ticket, they tell you your ticket number, and you can buy your ticket on your reservation date with this number.

We recommend booking in advance for busy season (New year holidays, GW, Summer etc).

Reservations accepted from two months before departure date. You can apply to reserve your return trip, with a return leg up to 3 days after the first leg.
Time Table of Shinshin-Kisen Company:  "Ferry AZALEA"
1 No service on Wednesdays
2 The ferry route differs depending on the day you board. See the timetable below.
*The route is different on each operation day.
Operation day Shimoda Kouzushima Shikinejima Niijima Toshima Shimoda
Arrival -- 11:50 13:00 13:30 14:40 16:30
Departure 9:30 12:10 13:10 13:50 14:45 --
Operation day Harbor Shimoda Toshima Niijima Shikinejima Kouzushima Shimoda
Arrival -- 11:05 12:10 12:45 13:50 16:30
Departure 9:30 11:10 12:25 13:00 14:10 --
<Extra Charge>
* Baggage - 500 yen
* Surf Board - 700 yen
* Wind Surfin - 1,800 yen

<Ticket Price>:
 Shimoda - Kouzushima - Shikinejima - Niijima - Toshima - Shimoda
Second Class 3,700 Toshima
DX Second Class 5,550
First Class 7,400
Second Class 3,700 490 Niijima
DX Second Class 5,550 740
First Class 7,400 980
Second Class 3,700 700 240 Shikinejima
DX Second Class 5,550 1,050 360
First Class 7,400 1,400 480
Second Class 3,700 1,050 720 510 Kouzushima
DX Second Class 5,550 1,580 1,080 770
First Class 7,400 2,100 1,440 1,020
Adjusted fuel surcharge differs by class and is added to the fares shown above.
The fares shown above may change every month due to changes in the fuel surcharge.
Check the prices by calling in advance.
 TEL: 0558-22-2626 (only Japanese)


Click the pictures above to see the bigger maps.
*From Izukyu-Shimoda station: There is no bus line to get there.
  20 minutes by walking
  7 minutes by taxi
*From Pension Sakuraya in Shirahama
  15 minutes by car


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 "One Day Cruising" from Shimoda to 4 Islands (Toshima Niijima Shikinejima Kouzushima )

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