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Sakura is blooming in our garden. – – 2009/01/29

090129sakura01_2We have some kinds of Sakura in our garden.

But this tree has already had a lot of blossoms.

This Sakura is one of kinds of Kawazu Sakura which is very famous for blooming earlier than Yomeiyoshino.
But I planted its seed several years ago, in another word, this sakura is raised from seed.

So this sakura is a little different from real Kawazu Sakura.

For example……


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Morning in Shirahama

090127sunrise01"We couldn’t see a beutiful sunrise this morning, but we are lucky because we could take a picture of gorgeous sunrise yesterday morning."

Our guests who came from Taiwan and stayed for 2 nights said so when they checked out this morning.

As usual I went to the primary school with my daughter this morning and I took this picture on the way to home.

It wasn’t clear by cloud on the horizon this mornig, so our guests couldn’t get beautiful senery.

The weather forcast says it will be a little warmer after the middle of this week.

By the way do you have hey fever?

We have to worry about it after Wednesday because it will be warm after that.

Cherry Blossom in Sakuraya Garden 2009/01/26

090126sakura01In our garden we have some kinds of cherry blossom, and this is one of them, called "Kawazu Sakura".

Every year we have "Kawazu Sakura Festival" in Kawazu town and Minami Izu town on February and March.

However this year this tree has already started to bloom. (I took this picture with my mobile phone. That’s why this picture is not good.)

My friends who is a specialist of cherry blossom said,

"This tree is blooming early in this area."

He has a lot of cherry trees in his field but most of them have only 1 or 2 cherry blossoms.

I think this tree will be fully bloomed at the beginning of February.

I’m looking forward to seeing that.

Blue sea again! – – Shirahama Beach in Shimoda

090119yuuki01_2How have you been?

We had 3 holidays until yesterday and we went to my wife’s home in Kanagawa.

My children were very happy because they could meet thieir cousins and spend thier time with them.

Thank you very much.

By the way I went to Shirahama beach after 3 days with my son, Yuuki this afternoon.
He is stressful because he often stay in our home all day, so when we went to the beach he started to run soon.

I show you pictures which I took today…..

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The water was boiled? – – Frost smoke in Shirahama, Shimoda

090116beach01_3This morning, I walked with my daughter as usual, and when I was coming back home I found an interesting phenomenon on the beach.

It was a Frost smoke or an ice fog caused by extremely cold air flowing over a body of comparatively warm water.

The lowest temprature of Shirahama area was about 5 degrees, but the water was over 17 degrees in this season.

That’s why I could see this phenomenon this morning.

Sunrise and Izu seven islands in the late afternoon

090115sunrise01_3Today, the time of sunrise was 6:54 am.

I started to go to the shool with my daughter and the children at 7:00 am as usual and I walked down the hill.

I found that the sun was shining in the cloud and took this photo.

This morning I could see the sun with cloud and it was gorgeous scenery.

In the afternoon I went to Shimoda for shoping by bike and …….

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Wao, leaves are frozen!? – – Shirahama, Shimoda

090114leaves01_2It was very cold today too like yesterday.

I walked with the children who go to Shirahama elementary school as usual this morning.

When we were walking on the national road one of the children found and cried,

"Look at this! The leaf is frozen!!"

Actually the water is frozen on leaves because of the low temprature.

I show the another photo……

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It was very cold today…. Shimoda, Shirahama

090113sunrise01_2This morning I started to walk to the elementary school at 7:00 am with my daughter and the other children as usual.

When we went down the hill the sun was just rising up next to Toshima island.

Then one of children found something on the road and said,

"Look at this! The water is frozen here!"

The sea water is about 17 degrees even in this season but the water outside is sometimes frozen.