2017/03/23 Thank you for staying!

They came from Malaysia and stayed for one night.

One of them has come to Japan twice before, but it was the first time for the other one.

They went to the restaurant in Shimoda to have Kinmedai fish for dinner.

After they checked out they went to Dogashima on the west side of Izu peninsula and were going to stay in Yugashima at the middle of Izu peninsula.

Thank you very much for staying with us.

2017/02/27 Thank you for staying.

They are a family came from England.

They have a family who live in Tokyo, so grandpa and grandma have come to Japan to meet their grandchildren 4 times before.

During their stay they went to the beach under the blue sky on the 1st day, and went to Minami Izu town to see cherry blossoms and Irozaki cape on the 2nd day.

The small children were very cute and they all are very beautiful family.

We are looking forward to meeting you someday again.

Thank you very much for staying with us.

2017/01/23 Shirahama Beach Today

I walked on the seaside road this morning after several days.

We had a little cold west wind today, but the blue sea water was shining under the clear sky.

When I was walking taking pictures I found out that the fisherman had been fishing sea cucumber.

We are able to see sea cucumber at the super market in winter.

I think most of the residents in and around Shimoda city love to eat sea cucumber.

Of course I have ever eaten it, but it is enough for me to eat just only once.

You can see the other pictures of Shirahama beach on our Facebook.

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2017/01/03 Happy New Year!

We went to Shirahama shrine today.

The most of Japanese go to shrine to pray for health and good luck at the beginning of the new year.

By the way, iIt had been sunny and warm during this new year holiday, so all of our customers were able to have good and relaxed time in Izu peninsula.

2017/01/03 Thank you for staying.

They are from India and live in Tokyo.

They came to Izu peinsula for the 1st time.

They took train to Shimizu station in Shizuoka Prefecutre and took ferry from Shimizu port to Toi port on the western side of Izu peninsula, and were able to see Mt. Fuji clearly on the way.

After they checked out they went to Kawazu Seven Waterfalls.

Thank you very much for staying with us.