2017/11/19 Wave and Rainbow

I took a Nordic walking to Sotoura beach this afternoon after a long time.

And I took the 1st picture on the way to the nearest beach.

I was able to see Izu Oshima island clearly today.

We had rain yesterday, but always have the big waves after the law pressure system passed in this season.

And we are able to see the rainbow on the water when we have both waves and west wind.

2017/11/07 I finished cleaning guest rooms at last.

It was sunny and very warm again here in Shirahama today.

After I went to the post office I went to the beach to take pictures.

By the way,  we have 4 Western style rooms in our building and we clean each room taking a long time after busy season.

This year I started cleaning them on October 2nd.

And finally I finished cleaning all of them today.

It took much longer than usual because I had pain on my back and caught a cold, and had to take a rest for several days.