2017/09/09 Thank you for staying.

They came to Japan from France for the 1st time and stayed at Pension Sakuraya for 4 nights.

During their stay they went to the nearest beach “Shirahama Ohama Beach” every day and played surfing.

On the 4th day, as I didn’t have any other customers I went to Ebisujima-island in Shimoda for snorkeling with them.

I posted the pictures of them that I took at Ebisujima-island on Facebook album.

I also had very good time with them for 5 days.

Thank you very much for staying with us.

When I took these pictures one of them had already checked out early in the morning, so actually they are 4 people.

2017/08/29 Thank you for your big present!

We had a couple from Germany who made a mistake and came here 1 day before their reservation date at the middle of August.

It was really hard to find another accommodation during Obon holiday, but I finally found out a room near the station.

And yesterday we were surprised that we got a big present delivered from them.

They selected the Nutcracker for us because we used to be classical ballet dancers before.

Thank you very much for the beautiful Nutcracker!

2017/08/18 Thank you for staying.

He is from Germany and she is from Peru, and they were married 3 years ago.

But he has lived in Germany and she has lived in Japan for 3 years after they were married, so this trip was their honeymoon for the first time in last 3 years.

They made a reservation for 2 nights from August 16th, but they appeared on August 15th, because they made a mistake of the reservation date.

I thought it had been really hard to find the accommodation for August 15th because of Obon holidays, but I found it in Shimoda finally.

They spent one night in Shimoda and came to Sakuraya again next day, and stayed with us for 2 nights.

We apprecitate that they chose our Pension for their honeymoon.

Thank you very much for staying with us and see you soon!!

2017/07/28 No Swimming by Typhoon

When I was cleaning the guest rooms I was able to see the big waves through the window.

So I went to the beach to check the condition this late afternoon.

They had much bigger waves than yesterday due to the typhoon on the Pacific ocean.

They were able to get into the water before noon, but it was prohibited to swim after noon due to the big waves.