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2011/06/30 Sunrise in Shirahama, Shimoda

110630sunrise00 This morning I waked up at 4:30 AM because it was too hot in my room.

I tride to sleep again, but I couldn't continue sleeping any more.

When I saw outside the sun was just rising on the horizon, so I went to the Torii Gate of Shirahama shrine on the beach to take photos of sunrise.

Here are some other photos which I took this morning.


<Pension Sakuraya in Shimoda>

2011/06/28 Rainy season was over in southern part of Japan.

110628beach01 This morning the weather forecast said that the rainy season in kyushu area, the southern part of Japan, has over.

The high atmospheric pressure has been covering the southern part of Japan in these days, so I can understand it.

But they also said this high pressure would be getting smaller next week and we would have rain again.

It means we have to wait for the end of the rainy season for a while.

However it was very hot and beautiful again here in Shimoda today.

The color of the ocean was really gorgeous!!….

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2011/06/22 Bule sea after a long time

110622beach00 According to the news website it was over 30 degrees around Tokyo yesterday.

It was alomost summer!

But here in Shimoda it was cloudy yesterday and the temperature was about 25 degrees.

We didn't feel it was hot here because we had a good wind for us.

By the way it became sunny and hot today.

I took this picture at Miharashi Hiroba Park in Shirahama Beach.

We could see the blue sea after a long time, because it has been cloudy and rainy for about 2 weeks due to the rainy season now in Japan……

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2011/06/20 My daughters long time ago

110620bath01 Last night, when I was looking for the datas in my computer I found out this picture.

They are my daughters.

I took this when they were taking a bath in 2002, so they were 7 and 4 years old.

They were very cute in those days and it is sweet memories for my wife and me.

But, of course they are now very cute for us!

2011/06/19 My children’s pictures

110619picture01 In these days it has been cloudy and sometimes rainy here in Shimoda.

It can't be helped because now we are in the rainy season in Japan.

If we don't have rain in this season vegetable and rice will not be glown well.

So the rain is very important for the plants and us.

By the way I show you the pictures which my children drew.

The first one is drawn by my son, Yuuki, the day before yesterday.

He is interested in drawing picutre basically, and he is getting better day by day.

This time he drew the scene which he and his sister were having the hotcakes in the kitchen.

There are hotcakes on the table, window, clock, calender, fridge, thermos and etc…

I show you the next one….

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2011/06/14 Mowing the grasses at Aloe field in Shirahama

110614aloe01 This place is "Aloe no Sato", Aloe Field in Shirahama in Shimoda.

There is a walking path and stair cases, and actually we can see the Izu Seven Islands on the pacific ocean from the top of slope, but we couldn't see them today.

There are a lot of Aloe trees on seaside and steep slope, and we have the Aloe festival here on december and January.

Today I went to this place to mow the grasses as a member of Shirahama Tourist Association.

In this season the Aloe trees are covered by tall grasses and they can't get sulight.



2011/06/13 Mountain, Sea and Sky in Shimoda

110613mountain01 Today it was rainy this morning I took my elder daughter to the high school by car.

I usually take the road through Shimoda down town and the seaside to go back home, but I took the different way through the mountain.

When I was driving I found out the clouds between mountains.

It seemed as if the mountain was breathing deeply and slowly….

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2011/06/11 Heavy Rain Warning in Izu Peninsula – – Shirahama Beach Today

110611ajisai01 This is a hydrangea in our garden.

First of all they have white blossoms, but the color is changing to purple and blue day by day.

Now they have 30 % blooming and we will be able to see the full blooming on around June 20th.

But I love this young color because I feel that they have young spirit and power.

Anyway the rain suits them very well in this season.

By the way we had a heavy rain here in Shimoda this morning…..

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