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2013/06/29 Shirahama Beach today

130629beach07It was sunny and very hot here in
Shioda today.

Yes, it was almost summer!

There were a lot of people on
the beach, and the professional surfing competition was taking place
near Shirahama shrine, on the other hand of this beach.

And the digger
and the crawler dump truck were moving a lot of sand which was brought
by strong north wind during winter to the front of the sea.

They are preparing this beach for

The sight looked like an another planet!!

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2013/06/25 Thank you for staying.

130625family01They are two families from the United States
of America.

One of them have lived in Kamakura and have stayed at
Sakuraya in last May, and the other family came from the United States
and visited Shimoda for the 1st time.

A girl had been sick
since several days ago and had a slight fever.

So I took her to a
pediatric hospital in Shimoda with her family.

I was relieved that she
got better after that.

Thank you very much for staying with us.

See you

2013/06/09 Thank you for staying!

130609family01They are French family who live in Tokyo and had stayed at Sakuraya
during last Golden Week in May, and came again for the 2nd time.

On the 2nd day they went to the beach and Shimoda Park to see the hydrangea
flowers. And they went to Tsumekizaki cape after checked out.

They are very beautiful family!

Thank you very much for staying with us.

See you again in September!!

2013/06/09 Thank you for staying!

130609group01They are from Russia and live in Tokyo.

Two of them have stayed at Pension Sakuraya 2 years ago, and they came
with their friends this time.

After they checked out they went to Hydrangea Festival, Aquarium and Mt.
Nesugata Cable car, but were you able to go to all these places today?

All of them speak Japanese very well, so we had a good comunication with them in Japanese.

Thank you very much for staying with us.

We look forward to meeting you again!!

2013/06/08 Thank you for staying.

130608customers01They came from California and stayed for 3 nights.

During their
stay they went to Shimoda park to see the hydrangea flower festival,
walked in Shimoda town and went to Mt. Nesugata by cable car.

He is a college teacher and a steel drum player and she is a creator of Shibori things in California.

Thank you
very much for staying with us.

My wife and I had a great time with you!!