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2010/05/27 An article about Pension Sakuraya on Tokyo Notice Board!!

100527article01We were really surprised.

Have you ever seen this?

I haven't seen and read it because I live in Shimoda, not in Tokyo.

We got a parcel by mail in the morning the day before yesterday.

When I got it I didn't remember the name written on it and I didn't  know what it was, and also I didn't understand why it was sent.

After opening it I found out a letter like this…. 

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2010/05/18 Picnic to Shirahama Beach

100518picnic02The weather forecast said last night it was very fine day and very hot today in Shimoda.

Today it was a picnic day of kindergarten.

My wife and son went to kindergarten at 9:30 AM, but I left my house after our customers checked out.

When I arrived at the beach the children had just started to play on the water's edge.

Actually I was worried about my son, because he had a cough and runny nose.

But he was unmindful and got into the water to play.

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2010/05/06 Snorkeling Point in Shirahama, Shimoda

100506snorkeling01There are many beaches in Shimoda, and this is one of them.

We can find out this beach on the way to Shimoda downtown, and also I think this beach is one of good points for snorkeling in Shimoda.

When we don't have big waves it is easy to get into the sea from the water's edge.

Today we could see the island called "Izu-Oshima" over the ocean.

It had a cloud over the top of island, and this island looked like floating on the sea.


2010/05/05 Light Blue Sea & Snorkeling in Shirahama, Shimoda

100505beach01It was almost cloudy here yesterday, but we got a sunshine and high temperature today.

When I went to the beach to take photos after noon it was low tide.

But we didn't have big waves here, so it was very good condition for snorkeling.

We can go down the cliff from Route 135 by walk and get into the water from the right side.

If I hadn't had job today I would have snorkeled today.

2010/05/02 A Present from Sweden


Today it was sunny in Shimoda again.

As it has been beautiful days during Golden Week all of our customers are very happy.

The weather forecast says it will be hotter here tomorrow.

By the way, before Golden Week we got a green parcel from abroad.

When I found out it in a post I didn't know who sent us it.

After I opened it, I knew it was a book of cooking recipe from Sweden….

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2010/05/01 Incredible! Gorgeous! Unbelivable! — Shirahama Beach in Golden Week

100501beach01Do you know it takes only 2 hours and 50 minutes to get to this beach from Tokyo?

Before getting into Golden Week it had been cold, cloudy, rainy and windy here in Shimoda.

But at the beginning of Golden Week the weather was changed and we got this beautiful sea at all.

This color is real blue which I saw on the beach today.

Have you ever been to Shirahama in Shimoda?

You should try to come and get a great nature in Shimoda!!