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2012/10/29 Shirahama shirine festival

121029shrine05Today it was a second day of
Shirahama shrine festival.

A lot of people come to this shrine and they
watched the traditional dance performance.

And after that they had a ceremony to tell the
opening of festival to the gods on the seven islands on the pacific

Actually it is held on the first day, but they changed the date
because of rain yesterday.

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Shirahama shrine festival

Hitachisai Fire Ceremony

2012/10/28 Eve of Shirahama Shrine Festival

121028ceremony02Shirahama shrine which has a long
history of more than 2,400 years has the festival on October 28th, 29th
and 30th.

Today it was an eve of this festival and the young boys and
girls who are second year students in junior high attended the ceremony
which was held in the main shrine.

My second daughter also joined them.

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2012/10/28 Thank you for your presents from France!

121028present01Several days ago we got a
postcard from our customers who live in France and stayed at Sakuraya in
last June.

And in this message they said they would sent us a souvenir of Toulous in

As they told us we got a pretty and sweet candy yesterday.

Thank you for
sending your postcard, message and wonderful presents from France!


are really appreciated and are very glad that you remember us.

Please come and visit Japan someday again in the future!!

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2012/10/19 Thank you for staying.

121019couple01They came from Hong Kong.

They have come to Japan for several times, but it was a first time to come
to Izu.

They went to the Japanese restaurant "Nakagawa" in Shimoda to
have dinner, and had the boiled red snapper and the fresh Sashimi.

We had strong wind and heavy rain in the evening, but it became sunny on
the 2nd day.
So they went to the beach and the Shirahama shrine after check-out.

They are very nice and lovely couple, and we could have a good time with

Thank you for staying with us.

2012/10/18 Thank you for staying.

121018couple0120They came to Japan from England and stayed at Sakuraya for 3

During their stay we had north wind, so they could not swim but went to
Shimoda city to walk around and Onsen.

After Shimoda they go to Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka.

We could have a good time with this lovely couple.
Thank you for staying with us.

2012/10/11 Thank you for staying.

121011family01They came to Japan from Switzerland for the 1st time, and came to Shimoda as the last place of 3 weeks travel in Japan.

During their stay we had strong north wind, so they went to Shimoda city,
Shimoda Park, Tatado beach and Nesugata Yama cable car.

As they didn't have strong wind on the last day they went to the beach
for swimming before check out.

We had a great time with this lovely family.

Vielen Dank für Ihren Aufenthalt!

2012/10/05 Snorkeling at Futou Beach in Izu peninsula

121005futoubeach08My wife and I went to the west
side of Izu peninsula for snorkeling today.

On the west side of Izu there are many scenic points with strange rocks.

This beach has also big rocks on the sea and the caves.

As we had a little big wave and
the water was not so clear today, but I could found many kinds of fish there.

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Pension Sakuraya in Shimoda, Japan