Monthly Archives: November 2007

Red and Yellow Leaves in Kawazu Seven Water Falls

071127leaves01_2Today, as I had to go to Kawazu town for shopping my son and I went to "Kawazu Seven Water Falls" to check the color of leaves.

Now "Amagi Red Leaves Festival" is taking place at Amagi moutain in Izu  peninsula until November 30th.

Probably the color of leaves are in a good season at the top of Amagi mountains, but only some trees had red and yellow leaves in Kawazu Seven water falls area.

It means that it is still early to get the beautiful leaves this year…..

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The ships on the ocean

071121ship01When I was in my home I didn’t notice but …..

As I had to go to Post Office I depart from my house by car, and I found 4 ships on the ocean on the way to the Route 135.

In winter we sometimes have a strong wind from west, they have a strong wind like typhoon in Irozaki area.

That’s why the ships which goes to Tokyo bay or Osaka bay wait here until the  wind will be stopped……

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Sunrise in Shirahama

071120sunrise01_2In my house my wife usually prepare a breakfast and I cook a dinner everyday, but my wife seemed to catch a cold yesterday.
So I prepared the breakfast this morning instead of her.

In early morning when I waked up and saw outside through the window I found the red sky in the east.

"Oh, great!! I will be able to take pictures of sunrise this morning."

I cooked my daughter’s breakfast and depart from my house by car.

When I got to the beach behind Shirahama shrine the sun was rising up on a horizon…..

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Gorgeous Tree near Sakuraya

071104tree01_2Today it was very beautiful day in Shirahama.

I was taking a walk on the autum leaves around Pension Sakuraya this afternoon, and I found this tree which had been changed with sunshine.

The tree in front of small house is growing up to the sky with a lot of leaves and I could see a small path after this tree.

It is just only 100 meters from Sakuraya.

Would you like to find this gorgeous tree?