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Hydrangea Festival in Shimoda

070528ajisai00When I went to Shimoda for shopping with my son, I went to "Shimoda Park" to check the blooming of Hydrangea, "Ajisai" in Japanese.

The flowers has just started to bloom, but we could see some flowers there.

They says that there are 3 million flowers of Hydragea in this park, and we can walk in a lot of flowers with a view of Shimoda town and harbor at the peak of blooming season.

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It was very hot today in Shimoda !!

070527beach01When I was watching TV news today I found the scene of my home town "Miyazaki".

It was more than 35 degrees in Miyazaki city, that’s why the TV news informed it.

Here in Shirahama it was also very hot !!

It was seemed like a real summer.

There were some peoples who were swimming in the sea.

The color is really blue in Shirahama.

070519beach01When I came back to Sakuraya from Shimoda after shopping I took this picture on the way to the hill where Sakuraya  located from Route 135.

Today there was no clouds in the sky, so it was very hot and the sun was shining like a summer.

That’s why we could see a real blue on the ocean.

It is only 3 or 4 hours from Tokyo to get this ocean !!


Shirahama Beach in Golden Week !!

070503beach00We had been very busy these days, so couldn’t to to the beach to take the pictures.

But it was very beautiful day today, therefore I decided to go to the beach after finished to clean up the rooms in a hurry.

Actually we could see a gorgious sea after 5 days.

It was sunny and very hot today, so there were a lot of peole on the beach…

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