Monthly Archives: March 2006

Is this a Japanese sea ?

060331beach001_1Today it was really warm and a beautiful day in Shirahama !

The air was very clear and we could see Amagi mountains and Izu Oshima island.

Besides the color of sea was just emerald green.

When I was taking pictures in the beach, some poeple came there and said…..

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Meuniere of fish with Itarian souce

060329isaki001_1We usually serve a Beef steak as a main dish of first night’s dinner.

But we started to provide this menu for those who don’t like a beef or can’t eat it.

This is a "Meuniere of Fish with Itarian souce" using fresh fish from Shimoda fish market.

Yes, we provide it in stead of beef for you until April 31st !

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Kinmedai kamameshi

060327kamameshi001_1Shimoda is very famous for fresh fishes.

Especially this Shimoda’s fish "Kinmedai"in Japanese, "Alfonsino" in English, is most famous in Japan.

That’s why we started to sereve this meal "Kinmedai Kamameshi" as a dinner’s menu from this month until the end of April.
I can’t explane it in English well, but it means alfonsino, rice and vegitables are cooked with soysauce, sake in a ball.
This is Japanese traditional cooking.
Why don’t you order this ?

The price for 2 people would be 2,000 yen as a extra charge.

Itado port and Chuuou beach

060327itado001_3Yesterday our guest asked me that he is looking for a beach which he watched in a TV program and at the Osak train station.

So I went to take pictures for him today.

This is one of them "Itado port" in the north area of Shirahama.
There are many ships for fishing of Japanese spiny lobstar, top shell, squid, jack mackerel, alfonsino and etc…. .

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Shimoda Aquarium

060326aquarium001_1Today my son and me went to Aquarium in Shimoda with a family of my friend of university.

I have ever been this aquarium many times, but it was first time for my son. He was very excited there.

This aquarium has many places to see, and this is one of them "Floating Aqua Tank".

It means this big aqua tank is floating on the sea as a ship. I think we can’t see it in the other aquarium in Japan. The other tanks are mostly in the buildings……

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Shirahama Chuou Beach

060324beach001_1When I went for shopping I went to "Shirahama Chuou Beach" with my daughter and son.

This beach is on the opposit side of Shirahama Ohama beach which is nearest one of Sakuraya.

And this beach has some woody teracce and path along the sea.

Several years ago this beach had been selected as one of 88 beautiful beach of Japan.

Shizuoka Prefecture has only 2 of them….. .

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Hair Designer Yuuki

060323lifesaving001_1" It will be sunny this afternoon." the weather forcast said, but actually it was almost cloudy at all.

I am very sorry that our guest from Italy could not see beautiful Shirahama beach.

When I went to the beach, there were many lifesavers who were students of university and were practicing.

Besides they are all women !! I was really surprised.

By the way I show you today’s my son, Yuuki, …….

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Dried Seawead of Shimoda

060323shopping001_1Today my wife, my children and me went to Shimoda for shopping.

I sometimes go to supermarket with my son. When he was baby, I bought holding him. But he recently wants to walk  in a supermarket by himself.
Probably he wants see and touch everything.

By the way I found one thing that I want to introduce….

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