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2011/03/29 Shirahama Beach and Sotoura Beach in Shimoda

110329beach01 I went to Shimoda downtown this morning, and I took the pictures when I came back home at around noon.

Today it was the most beautiful day in these days and I could see the tropical blue in Shimoda.

I took this picture at "Miharashi-Hiroba" in Shirahama.

The water was really clear like one in southern islands.

OK. I show you an another photo….

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2011/03/25 Walking to the Beach – – Snow on Amagi Mountains

110325beach01 It was sunny and very warm here in Shimoda today after 4 days with rain and strong wind.

I asked my son walking and went to the beach together.

While my son was playing on the beach I saw the mountains over Shirahama shrine, and found that those mountains had snow on the top.

It was very cold and we had rain last night, so they had snow there.

Spring is coming, but still a little bit cold here.

Click here to see the other pictures which I took on the beach today.

2011/03/23 Niwa-Zakura – – Blackout in Izu Peninsula

110323sakura01 Today we had a blackout for the seconde time due to the electric power cut scheduled.

After the massive earthquake and nuclear accident TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power Company) has been putting power cut into operation to save the electric power.

It was started at 6:20 PM this evening, and I went to the road on the seaside after that.

There were some cars running on the road, but it was pitch dark without the power.

As I had the strong wind by the sea it sometimes rocked my car.

The black out was finished at 7:50 PM.

Today's picture is what I took in our garden. This is called Niwa-Zakura in Japanese, and it means Sakura in garden. But it is a different kind of tree from Sakura.

It has been still a little bit cold in these days, but spring is coming little by little here in Shimoda.

2011/03/19 Spring Day in Shirahama

110319beach01We had a strong wind, but it was very warm here in Shimoda.

I went to the nearest beach to check it out, but there was few people on the beach and there is no cars from the other prefectures on the seaside road.

After earthquake was happened all of the accommodations in Izu peninsula had a huge damege due to a lot of cancellation, and some of them decided to close to run for a while.

The people who live in north-eatstern Japan are very hard to live now, but the people in the other places of Japan are falling into crisis.

 I wish these conditions in Japan would be better as soon as possible.

2011/03/12 After Earthquake & Tsunami warning in Shimoda, Japan

110312shirahama02 Yesterday massive earthquake hit North-Eastern Japan, and a lot of places and people were affected.

The coast in Shimoda was warned against Tsunami in the afternoon yesterday, and we had Tsunami only 80 centimeters in Shimoda harbor.

But Tsunami warning was cancelled today.

I went to Shimoda downtown for shopping and took some pictures on the way.

This is Shirahama Beach in Shimoda, and there was no damage there.

We had a lot of messages and e-mails from all over the world since yesterday, but we all are safe!

Thank you very much, everybody!!!

Look at the pictures which I took this afternoon on my Facebook.

2011/03/11 Earthquake and Tsunami hit Japan – – No problem here in Shimoda

110311sakuraya01 Today a huge earthquake and Tsunami hit North-East part of Japan at 2:46 PM.

After that I went to the nearest beach "Shirahama" in Shimoda city, Izu peninsula, to check it out, but there was no problem here.

And all of my family are Safe!!

Here are the photos which I took on the Shirahama beach on Facebook.

In addition, you can watch TV news through the Internet.



2011/03/10 Blue Sea and White Sand – – Sotoura Beach

110310sotoura02 Today my wife and I went to Shimoda downtown for shopping, and came back home alone by walking.

On the way to Shirahama there is a beutiful beach called "Sotoura Kaigan".

This beach also has a white sand like Shirahama Beach, and it is almost cove.

So a lot of families come to this beach in summer.

I show you the other photos which I took today on my Facebook.

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