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2017/11/07 I finished cleaning guest rooms at last.

It was sunny and very warm again here in Shirahama today.

After I went to the post office I went to the beach to take pictures.

By the way,  we have 4 Western style rooms in our building and we clean each room taking a long time after busy season.

This year I started cleaning them on October 2nd.

And finally I finished cleaning all of them today.

It took much longer than usual because I had pain on my back and caught a cold, and had to take a rest for several days.

2017/10/26 Thank you for your stay

They are from China and came to Japan for the 1st time.

They are travelling in Japan for a week and stayed in Kamakura and Atagawa before coming to Shimoda.

During they were staying in Kamakura unfortunately the typhoon ripped through Japan, but they were able to see the Mt. Fuji clearly after the typhoon passed away.

They went to Tokyo after Shimoda and will leave Japan.

Thank you very much for staying with us.

2017/10/21 Thank you for staying with us.

This family had been living in Yokohama since 4 years ago, but they are leaving Japan on October 22nd after their stay for 2 nights at Pension Sakuraya.

Actually they have stayed with us for the 1st time after living in Japan for 6 months, so it means it was the 2nd time and also the last time for us to welcome this family after 3 years and half.

We appreciate that they chose our Pension Sakuraya for their last trip and stay in Japan.

We are missing you, but we wish you a happy life in Malaysia

Thank you very much for staying with us and good memories from you.

2017/09/09 Thank you for staying.

They came to Japan from France for the 1st time and stayed at Pension Sakuraya for 4 nights.

During their stay they went to the nearest beach “Shirahama Ohama Beach” every day and played surfing.

On the 4th day, as I didn’t have any other customers I went to Ebisujima-island in Shimoda for snorkeling with them.

I posted the pictures of them that I took at Ebisujima-island on Facebook album.

I also had very good time with them for 5 days.

Thank you very much for staying with us.

When I took these pictures one of them had already checked out early in the morning, so actually they are 4 people.