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2018/10/14 Shirahama Beach Today

It was sunny but the sky sometimes was covered with a lot of clouds today.

I took a Nordic walking on the seaside road this afternoon.

The fences were set up to protect the sand on the beach from the strong norht wind by the local community yesterday.

By the way I finished cleaning the bedroom at last today.

I will have to start cleaning the next room tomorrow.


2018/09/20 Thank you for staying.

They came from Germany and stayed at Pension Sakuraya for 3 nights.

One of them, she has stayed with us long time ago when she came to Japan for her buisiness as a staff of Bärenreiter which is one of the largest world wide publishers of classical music scores.

At the same time we, members of chorus group were practicing Mozart with this company’s score by accident.

I was surprised very much and took here to the leaders of our chorus group to meet them.

And this time she came to Shimoda with her husband and her friends after 9 years!

During their stay they went to the beach, walked in and around Shirahama and Shimoda city.

We were very happy to have great time with you.

Thank you for staying with us.

See you again someday in the future.

2018/08/29 Thank you for staying!

They are from Switzerland. One of them lives in Tokyo and the other one came to Japan for traveling.

They came to Shimoda from Atami station by rental car and drove on southern and western part of Izu peninsula on the 2nd day, and they spent all day on the beach on the 3rd day.

When they checked out they gave us a present from Switzerland.

Thank you very much for staying with us.

We also had great time with you!

2018/08/06 Boat-Wrap Sashimi today

It’s raining now at 23:30 in Shirahama.

The typhoon is approaching Kanto area in Japan, but the weather forecast says it will be sunny during the period of the typhoon is passing near Izu peninsula……

This is boat-wrap sashimi which we served tonight.

The fish shop said there was no fish at the fish market in Shimoda again.

In addition, the typhoon is approaching Japan and fishermen will not be able to fish in next several days…..