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2019/11/11 Big Deep Clean of Dining Room

It was sunny and we had very clear sky this morning, but after that it became cloudy, rainy and we had thunderstorm this late afternoon.

By the way, as I finished big deep clean of bed rooms I started to clean the dining room today.

I have to carry all of tables and chairs to the upper floor to clean and wax the floor. It’s really hard for my arms and legs,but I hope it would be good training.

2019/11/08 Thank you for staying!

They are a family who came from Switzerland and stayed at Sakuraya for 4 nights.
Actually they leave Switzerland to travel in the world, and came to Japan from the United States of America. And they are going to China, Vietnam and other countries.
During their stay they had sunny days and went to the beach every day.
Thank you for staying with us and have a great experience safety in the world!

2019/10/15 Thank you for staying.

They visited Japan from Germany for the 1st time. They came to Shimoda by rental car from Atami station after they stayed in Tokyo for several days.
Before they came to Sakuraya we had been worrying about the typhoon approaching to Japan. So we prepared a lot of things for them just in case. They stayed in the Japanese style room which has screens to protect the windows of their room, but they were not able to sleep well because of the noise of the screen by the rain and the strong wind.
On second day they spent all day long in the dinning room. We asked them to have dinner from 5:00PM earlier than usual just in case of power down. And when they were having dinner we had power down as we worried. But actually the power was back 2 hours later.

On the third day the typhoon had already passed and we have very beautiful morning. They walked to Shirahama beach and Shirahama shrine by walking and went to Shimoda after that.
On the forth day they drove to Minami Izu town and Nishiizu town.
We think it was really hard experience for you because of typhoon, but we had very good and wonderful time with you.
Thank you so much for staying with us and have a nice travel in Japan.