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Rotenburo/Onsen/Kawazu Seven Water Falls

060429onsen01_1Today it was rainny and cloudy, and I didn’t take a photo.
So I introduce one of Onsen of Izu peninsula.

This is a "Oodaru", a biggest fall of Kawazu Seven Falls.
In this local area they call a fall "Taru"or "Daru" in Japanese, so Severn Falls is called "Nanadaru".

There is a Japanese style Ryokan "Amagisou" near this fall. And they have a big field of Onsen "Rotenburo" which anybody can take……

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Koinobori for my son

060428koinobori01_1In Japan, we, Japanese set up "Koinobori", Carp shaped flags, from April to the early month of May.

Koinobori are flown traditionally to celebrate "Children’s Day" takes place on May 5th.

We, Japanese decorate Koinobori to pray that sons or grand sons grow up healty and strong.

According to the story of china, when the carp finishes climbing up the waterfall it become a dragon at the dragongate.
So Japanese parents hung Koinobori up in the sky for children rise up like a dragon in the future.

Last year it was a first time of Children’s Day for my son, so his grand father bought it for him…..

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Ise Ebi / Itado port in Shirahama

060426iseebi01_1In these days it is a little cool in the night and early morning.

I took a walk as usual this morning and went to "Itado port" in the northern area of Shirahama.

And I found some people were working there.

I took this photo at 7:30am.
The pink things in this photo are nets to get "Ise Ebi".

The fisher men usually set these nets in the bottom of sea in the afternoon, and next day…..

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Green leaves and blue sea

060425greenleaves01_1Today I went to meet my friend living in Rendaiji town in Shimoda.

When I passed by my car near a small park in this town, the green leaves were shining under the sun.

In Shimoda the spring had already come, so a lot of trees in the city and the mountains have green leaves.

In this park there were an old man and children playing together.

After that, I went to Shirahama beach……

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Wao, Cake !!

060423yuukicake01_1Recently my son, Yuuki, became to be able to do many kinds of things.

Today, when I went to the kitchen he was doing something using a pan and a lit.

I was watching him for a while, he seemed to cook something with pan.

Yes, he is good at using these tools. And then he said ……

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