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A Small Port “Itado” in Shirahama

080227itado01_2Last night we had a strong wind and heavy rain here in Shirahama. Yes, it seemed like typhoon.

But today it was very beautiful day, so I went to the small port to see the ships with my son, Yuuki.

It takes about 40 minutes by walking from Sakuraya.
There were many kinds of small and big ships.

Yuuki said,

"I want to get on that ship, dad!"

I understand him but there was nobody and we couldn’t get on without permission. ……

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Suzaki Walking Trail in Shimoda, Cape Tsumekizaki

080223suzaki03Last week I went to Suzaki Walking Trail for the first time with my son, Yuuki.

I moved to Shimoda 15 years ago but I have never been there.

There is a bus line from Shimoda station but we went there by car this time.

The walking trail is 2,8km. I think this is not long but we can walk on the seaside looking Izu seven islands and ships going across the sea…..

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Sotoura Beach and Shirahama Beach

080220sotoura01_2As my son, Yuuki wanted to go somewhere we went to the beach today.

Have you ever been to Sotoura Beach in Shimoda?

This beach is located between Shirahama and Shimoda town and it takes only 3 or 4 minutes by car from Sakuraya.
There is a parking lot in front of the beach and it is free except busy season, so it is very convnient to park and play on the beach.

In addition this beach is a big creek so they don’t have big wave here.
It is very helpful for the children who don’t like big wave.

We came back to Shirahama beach after that…..


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From the Top of Mt. Takane in Shirahama

080218takane01_2Today it was really beautiful here in Shimoda. I can’t believe that there were black clounds in the sky yesterday.

This afternoon I went to Mt. Takane, the highest mountain in Shimoda, with my son, Yuuki.

I took this photo on the top of this mountain. I could see Izu Seven Islands clearly over Shirahama beach.

I am showing the photo which I took on the other side …….

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Sunset and Cloud in The Sky

As my daughter wanted to go to her friend’s house to play together I took her by car, and I took this picture on the way to home.

In the sky there was a big black cloud and I could see Izu Oshima island between that cloud and the sea.

I was thinking that they had snow there, and actually I was right!

Check out this web blog which the local people posted the photo he took today.

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Snow, Snow, Snow on the beach – – Shirahama

080213snow01_2I was surprised very much and couldn’t believe it today. We had a lot of snow here in Shirahama after many years!

When my children went to the school at around 7:00 am it was just cloudy, but it started to snow before 9:00 am and we had 3 or 5 cm snow at last.

It is amazing because even if they have snow in Amagi mountains in winter we have no snow here…..

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