Monthly Archives: June 2006

Summer ! Beach ! Shirahama !

060629beach01_1It was very hot today too, but more humid than yesterday.

"Ok ! Let’s go to the beach, baby !!"

I went to the nearest beach, "Shirahama Ohama" with my son, Yuuki this afternoon.
(Actually I wanted to take a beautiful picture of beach too.)

When we arrived at the beach we could see that most of people wearing the swim suit were swimming…….

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Happy Birthday, Mam !!

060625birthdaycake01This month is my wife’s birthday, so my daughter had been saying for a long time "I want to make a cake for Mam!".

But we were very vusy in these days, so we could do it today.

Look at this cake !

On the top of cake my daughter wrote "Happy Birthday !" in Japanese by choco pencil……

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Summer day, today !!

060619surfing01_1Today it was really hot !!
When I was standing in the beach I was dizzy a little.

By the way "All Japan Students Championship" finished today.
This picture is its ending ceremony.
Unfortunatly in these 3 days it was rainny yesterday and they didn’t have good condition of waves.

When I was taking pictures a couple was near the beachside…..

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All Japan Student Surfing Championship

060617surfing01_1From today "35th All Japan Students Surfing Championship" is taking place at Shirahama beach for 3 days.

Last nigh it was strong rainny but almost cloudy today.

However the condition was not so good.
In this morning when the openning ceremony held it seeded good wave, but after that the wave was smaller and smaller. ……

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Sunny day during rainny season

060614surfing01_1I was going to post this phot last night, but I couldn’t do it. Because the internet server didn’t work well.
So I would like to try to post it today again below,

It was almost sunny today after a long time.
The temperature was higher and higher, so it was just summer !

In the beach there were some surfer, but they didn’t have a good wave.
This weekend All Japan Students surfing championship will take place here in Shirahama.
But how will be the condition ? …..

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