Monthly Archives: November 2018

2018/11/30 Shirahama Beach Today

As we had a week holiday for my family until the day before yesterday I walked on the seaside road this afternoon after a week.

We had cold wind yesterday, but didn’t have wind today.

So it was very warm under the sun when I was walking.

They had a little good waves to surf this afternoon.


2018/11/19 Aloe Field in Shirahama

As I found out that the aloe flowers had already started blooming this season I went to the aloe field in Shirahama this afternoon.

Today it was cloudy here in Shimoda, so I was not able to take good shots.

But if it was sunny, you would be able to see the beautiful scenery of the red flowers and the blue sea under the blue sky.

2018/11/17 View of Mt. Fuji

As my son had basketball games in Numazu city near Mt. Fuji today we left home at 5:30 am and I took these pictures at around 7:00 am in Mishima city next to Numazu.

We sometimes go to Mishima city or Numazu city, but we can’t see Mt. Fuji everytime because of the clouds.

That’t why we are really excited when we have a beautiful view of Mt. Fuji.

2018/11/08 Strong North Wind

It was sunny but we had very strong north wind today.

It was a good condition for windsurfing, but thie strong wind blow the sand away from the beach.

Actually I was going to walk on the seaside road as usual, but I was not able to do it because I didn’t want to walk through the sand which was blown away by the wind.