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2017/05/02 Ogasaki Wing View Point

We had very strong south wind yesterday, but it was not windy today.

This is one of good view points on Izu peninsula, which is located between Shimoda city and Kawazu town.

If you come to Shimoda by car, you should take a break at this view point on Rout 135 of eastern side of Izu peninsula.

If it was sunny and the air was clear, you would be able to get the beautiful view of Izu seven islands and Shirahama beach.


2016/11/03 Blue Sea and Starry Sky

161103beach01When I came back from Shimoda city this evening I found out the gorgeous starry heavens.

So I took a lot of pictures on the terrace of Pension Sakuraya.

161103beach02By the way we had west wind today, but it was sunny and very warm here in Shirahama.

There were a lot of surfers because of the national holiday today.

161103beach06The water was very beautiful under the clear sky.

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2016/10/27 Cleaning the bed rooms

It was sunny all day long.

I took this picture after I took my son to the school as usual.

I started cleaning the bed rooms at the beginning of this month, and I finished all the rooms today after all.

It takes a long time to clean a room because I have to put all thing out of the room, and I clean the floor, wax it and clean the windows and everything in the room.

But I’m very happy to see the beautiful rooms after cleaning.