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2011/12/17 Dried fish shop in Shimoda

111217driedfish08This morning I took my daughter to the school and went to Shimoda downtown after thatn.

When I was driving in downtown I found out the dried fishes out of shop on the road.

I asked him to take pictures, and he told me that he waked up at 2:00 am every day.

"Every day?"

I said and he answered.

"Yes, because I have to start to make dried fishes to provide them to the travellers before noon."


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2011/01/21 Have you ever seen this?

110121cola01 Today I went to Izukyu-Shimoda station and walked around in the station building to find out something interesting.

This is called "Shizuoka-cola." made in Shizuoka, Japan!

The taste was almost Coka Cola, but it includes the flovor of Japanese green tea.

Why don't you try this?

You can find out it at the shop in the station building, but unfortunately it is not cold…. .


2010/07/14 Shizuoka Cola!!

100714cola01Do you like soda?

Have you ever seen this?

This is "Shizuoka Cola" which is made in Shizuoka Prefecture.

I've been looking for it and found it in Shimoda downtown today.

The taste is almost "Coka Cola" but it has a little tea flavor.

When you come to Shimoda try it!


Wasabi Soft Cream

060502wasabi001_1Have you ever eaten this ice cream ?

When I went to Amagi I found this "Wasabi Soft Cream" at "Michi no eki" which is one of Rest areas.

Recently we can see and eat Wasabi ice cream at many places in Japan, and most of them is mixed with Wasabi.

But they provide it topping Wasabi on the top of vanilla soft cream.
Yes, it was really fantastic and lovely taste !!……

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Dried Seawead of Shimoda

060323shopping001_1Today my wife, my children and me went to Shimoda for shopping.

I sometimes go to supermarket with my son. When he was baby, I bought holding him. But he recently wants to walk  in a supermarket by himself.
Probably he wants see and touch everything.

By the way I found one thing that I want to introduce….

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