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2013/05/31 An interval of good weather – – Hydrangea native to Japan

130531beach02Even though we are in the rainy
season now it was sunny all day long.

When I walked on the seaside I
found out the wild hydrangea on the cliff down the road.

This is a
native one to Japan and we can see this kind of hydrangea on the coast
of Izu peninsula, Boso peninsula, Miura peninsula, Izu seven islands and
so on.

This hydrangea exported to China from Japan long time ago, and
exported to Europe in 18 centuries.

Nowadays the most of hydrangea which
are seen at the many places in Japan are the breed improved in Europe
and they were imported to Japan again.

It means this is the original
species of the hydrangea which you usually see.

2013/05/20 Walking to Sotoura beach this morning

130520beach04I don't remember how many days I didn't walk, but I walked on the seaside this morning after a long time.

The weather forecase says it would be sunny and very hot today, but actually it's still cloudy and cool here in Shimoda.

This is Sotoura Beach between Shirahama beach and Shimoda.

This is a natural cove and they don't have big waves even though we have big ones in Shirahama.

Click here to see the other photo which I took on Shirahama beach this morning.

2013/05/20 Shirahama Beach this morning

130520beach01My daughter usually goes to school by bike,
but I took her to the shool by my car this morning.

A week ago the weather forecast said it would
be cloudy and rainy on the last weekend, but it was changed and a rainy day came to Shimoda later than the Black Ship Festival actually.

It's rainy today, but we had been lucky during the Black Ship Festival.