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2019/06/02 Hydrangea Festival in Shimoda

I took these photos in our field today.

Yesterday Ajisai Matsuri (Hydrangea Festival) started in Shimoda. There are a lot of hydrangea trees with more than 3 million blossoms. Now it’s about 30% blooming and they say the best timing to see is the middle of June…

By the way, these photos were taken a long time ago.

It’s a sweet memories of my children….

My son is now 14 years old…..

2019/04/17 Driving over Amagi-toge Pass

It was cloudy today. As my wife and I had to go to Ohito in Izu city we drove over the Amagi mountains. We run through the old Amagi tunnel on the way home after a long time.

To tell the truth, my wife is not good at driving and also she doesn’t have confidence in herself. So she can not drive by herself on the route which she has never driven. However, my son will have a basket ball games in Izu city over Amagi mountains on next Saturday and my wife will have to drive by herself. Because we will have some guests on that day and I will have to stay at our house.

That’s why I drove my car to show her the route to go to the place where the games will take place…..

2019/03/30 Shirahama Beach Today

There are a lot of violet flowers in our field and now they are fully blooming.

It had been cloudy since this morning, but the sun light came back after around 2:00 PM.

I walked on the seaside road this afternoon as usual. When I started walking I took some photos of the beach under the clouds, but I took them again with the sun light at the end of walking.

I’m running Facebook!

2019/03/05 Sakura tree in our field

It was sunny here in Shirahama after a long time. This is the nice view point where we can see Shirahama beach and Izu seven island when the air is clear.

Sakura tree in front of our building is now fully blooming!

When I had to go to Kawazu town this morning I saw Sakura trees, but most of them have alreday had green leaves except the one in front of Kawazu station.