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It was very hot today! – – Shirahama Beach

080526beach01_2Before I went to Shimoda downtown I took some pictures on Shirahama beach.

We had an heavy rain yesterday moring but it was very hot today.

I was thinking that there were some people in the water before getting to the beach but there was nobody
who was swimming today actually.

A silent beach "Shirahama Ohama Beach"

Pension Sakuraya – A family running guest house in Shimoda, Izu peninsula

Surfers in the sunrise – – Shirahama Beach

080518beach01_2I waked up early in this morning and went to the beach.

Today it was a cleaning day for the beach, and all local people gathered on the beach to clean up the beach.

I took this photo when I was cleaning.

Some surfers were in the sea under the sunshine, but they didn’t good waves this morning.

Pension Sakuraya: A hostel in Shimoda.

Fireworks – 69th Black Ship Festival 2008 in Shimoda

080516fireworks01The Black Ship Festival started to take place in Shimoda today.

This is a fireworks which is a main event for the 1st day.

My family and I were going to see this fireworks with our customers.
They arrived at Sakuraya at around 7:30 pm and departed from Sakuraya at 7:45 pm.

But when we arrived at the parking lot near the Shimoda harbor it had been occupied.

So we moved to the other parking lot, but we could see the beautiful fireworks there.

<Link> Black Ship Festival in Shimoda

Pension Sakuraya: A family inn in Shimoda

Let’s play surfing together!! – – Shirahama Ohama Beach

080507beach01_2Golden Week had finished yesterday and the children started their classes from Today.

And also I started to go for a walk with children as usual.

On the way to the school I said "Good bye" and went to the beach today too.

When I got to the beach I found a couple who has just come to the beach, and they were preparing for surfing.

The sunshine in the morning was very comfortable…..

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